Discover Our Ultimate 10-Step Korean Skin Care Routine For Flawless & Growing Skin

We follow our commitment to give you nothing less but the top expert guidance on all things beauty-related. After working hard and putting our hearts in this article, we are happy to finally present to you the ultimate guide to Korean skin care routine. We believe every sleepless night was worth the effort in order to come up with fresh and little-known practical advice to help you support your beauty. That’s all we do! And it’s our mission to make you a part of the fastest growing community of true beauty addicts, willing to share their best insights with you.  

That is not an ordinary article. It is the fruit of several years experience. And nonetheless, this is a very personal story that changed my life forever.

You know what they say that destiny always finds its way into the hearts of those, who are ready to embrace it.

I have been waiting for the moment when I will have the opportunity to share these fantastic insights with the world.

And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

Just like the Little Prince pointed out many years ago. (source)

If you’re prepared to dive in, please, leave all prejudice at the door because I will make you a part of something unique.

You may call it luck, or just a happy coincidence -- what matters is that we will learn how to understand and cherish the skin with an innovative approach that will shoot you miles ahead.

I am happy I didn’t know anything about the Korean skincare routine before I went to see it myself, because I feel very unbiased and more confident to talk about it.

That will be an unusual and absolutely one of a kind intimate overlook on the topic, which doesn’t come from only from the books or the vast Internet.

It is a journey leading to eternal wisdom and understanding of oneself, which will feed your head and soul with valuable knowledge, and not just well-written answers.

How to Build Your Korean Skin Care Regimen the Best Way

How To Build Your Korean Skin Care Regimen 1

Indeed, the world is catching the K beauty routine fever by storm. But what I see from all the information out there is that they show us only the tip of the iceberg. 

It’s much like giving us weapons without really explaining how can we utilize these and how to reap all the benefits.

Here we will get into deep waters, where the truth is lying patiently to be discovered.

What no one tells you about Korean beauty routine is my mission to spread forward for free.

And so it’s sincerely important to me that you know you are exactly where you should be right now. Like in the song “It’s written in the stars, a million miles away, a message to the world.”

To begin with, here’s the most significant outline regarding the Korean approach to the skin.

How to Know What Sets Apart the Best Korean Practices

How To Know What Sets Apart The Best Korean Practices

Not all Koreans are the same. I hate the typical common speak as if we can put people under a single term.

But for those of the Koreans who keep their connection with the ancient truths, faith, and knowledge alive, possessing a beautiful skin is a virtue.

We want to look our best when we put makeup, we don’t want to fall behind from the rest and so we start contouring as soon as Kim Kardashian uploads a new video, or when Armani releases a new fragrance, we can’t wait to get our hands on it asap.

They tell us it’s all about the smokey eyes and we get the latest kit.

Sure there’s nothing wrong with following the trends and having fun all the time -- but what about the consequences?

You don’t want to look 40 when you’re in your fresh 20s, and neither you will be happy to look like an old grandma when you’re still 50.

Anyway, that is what inevitably happens if we are only limited to the way things look like on the surface.

Find Out How to Restore And Preserve Skin's Youthfulness

Find Out How To Restore And Preserve Skins Youthfulness

Meanwhile, the Eastern world would be taking care of their skin’s health, and then all that’s left for us is to zoom at the pictures of ladies which state to be 50 or 60 years old ... but we can’t tell the difference between them and their daughters or even granddaughters! (source)

But of course, we can’t just sum up everything to the cosmetics you choose to apply.

The whole 10 step thing is far, far away from all that Koreans actually do in order to come up with such flawless skin.

I like to think of that 10 step regimen more like a marketing trick because it is only partially true, but very poorly explained. 

Rather than just slapping cosmetics in a specific manner, what makes a Korean regimen successful is your level of diligence, persistence, and the amount of information you have.

For Koreans, the ways they imply in taking care of the skin are rituals. Every ritual will work when you have faith and patience to follow it strictly.

In fact, we can compare it to a type of meditation.

Ask yourself -- how many minutes a day do you dedicate to your skin?

Do you know how to listen to it, has anybody ever told you how to learn the language of your skin?

That’s what a healthy skin routine is all about.

What Are The Most Little-Known Ways to Improve Your Skincare Routine?

What Are The Most Little Known Ways To Improve Your Skincare Routine

Big companies and brands don’t mention anything about this process in their ads, but we shouldn’t blame them for that.

It’s our charge to make the right decisions.

Do you think that following the best Korean practices for a month, or two will make you beam all out of a sudden?

If so, I am sorry to disappoint you.

Sure, there’s no doubt the Korean methods work, and the economical facts are just one of the proofs about that.

Korea has become one of the largest exporters of cosmetics worldwide, and even Chinese are stocking up with the Koreans beauty lines.

If you get to think about that fact, it’s truly amazing since China is the leader dominating the market globally. (source)

However, in this article, I will give away much more profound tips which can make your routine thousands time more brilliant.

As a result, you will be able to start understanding your body in a whole new way, which is linked to the overall well-being of your spirit, as well.

What About the Truth on the Korean Skin Care Before and After - When You Think You Know It All!

What About The Truth On The Korean Skin Care Before And After

And here’s where things get a little bit more emotional, but as I mentioned above, this is a story that changed my life forever!

It is also the very first time I am sharing it in public, so it’s a sacred wish I am making true right now.

I want to be as authentic as possible. I am not going to keep any spicy details, and I am going to tell the story the exact way I did to my own mother.

She is not with us anymore, but I know she will be proud that I followed my dreams and didn’t give up on my desire to spread the enlightenment to as many people as possible.  

You Know That You Never Know

And so, I was 25 years old, a fresh graduate from university, got my diploma in Medicine and crazy in love with my fiance. 

Everything seemed to fall into place, and I had little idea to expect any surprises in the near future.

I had a plan to get married, practice my well-paid job and helping people to heal, raising my children in our beautiful new house by the ocean and, let’s say I was ready for the next 50 years of my life.

But it all broke into pieces when I caught him cheating on me, just as I came back home earlier on the 13th of November, 2014.

That was a nightmare for me. I was feeling betrayed, exhausted, confused and terrified at the same time. 

I wanted to disappear and never have to go back to this world, where everything I believed in turned out to be fake.

Where My K Beauty Journey Begins

I was devastated. And this hit straight on my confidence. I woke up every morning to find flaws in my complexion, I put tons of makeup to hide the traces of denial, and overall, I was totally lost.

I didn’t want to go outside anymore, a little pimple or blemish made me feel as if I am not worth love or attention, and I couldn’t simply feel comfortable in my skin and body.

I didn’t even want to communicate, and so I quit my job and literally locked myself in the house where I needed to cope with my pain.

The only human being that I was keeping in touch back then was my best friend from college. 

She is the most innocent, real and sincere girl I have ever met and somehow she was the single person that didn’t make me feel even worse.

And so about a month after the beginning of my solitude depression, I received a ticket to Korea.

My dear Ji Su was insisting that this trip will help me relax and get back to normal.

At first, I was wondering whether to burn the ticket or cut it into pieces and put it in the trash.

But then I remembered our girl’s nights out and the infinite unforgettable moments of sweet talk until the morning, and I suddenly knew that I just couldn’t stay in my emptiness forever.

I had to gain back my confidence and self-awareness and ... move on.

That’s how I ended up as a special guest on a memorable dinner which was held the first night of my arrival.

I was sitting there as a part of my best friend’s big Korean family, and I felt as if I came from another universe.

There were people of all ages on the table but I could barely say who is who because they were merely looking impeccable!

I was just starting to feel uncomfortable to stare those people in the face, trying to figure out are they using some kind of magical foundation or just hold the key to some absolutely unknown tricks to the Western world.

How is it possible that they all shine from within and their dollish skin looks more like art than anything close to real?

I was beginning to feel embarrassed because even men had better skin than mine.

But at this very moment, I smiled for the first time in months. That was one single instance when I was finally thinking of something else than my pain!

It's a Great Time for a Miracle in the Way You Understand Skincare

Its A Great Time For A Miracle

And so just while I was sinking into this sudden warmth, the lady who was the special guest and the reason for the dinner, approached me. It turned out she was the facial specialist of Ji Su’s family.

What is a facial specialist anyway? That is something like a personal dermatologist, and simultaneously a close relative.

There’s no other way to describe the sacred relationship between you and your facial specialist. If you have one, he or she will know your skin better than anyone else.

These people are carrying an ancient understanding of the skin, the body, and the mind. They are also keepers of well-preserved recipes, passing from one generation to another, only from one facial specialist to another.

Their lists include concoctions, skincare routines and the right order of the steps for various treatments and regimens.

And if you happen to sink into life so much to forget your skincare routine, they will be there to remind you that this is not the right path; this is only for the faint of heart.

But much before I even knew who this mysterious lady is, I just thought she’s my best friend’s aunt or who knows what. But grandma or great-grandma?

That was not even close to what was going on in my head.

She was sitting so close to me, and I was looking at her face, unintentionally reaching to touch it, because it seemed just too good to be true!

But then I thought this could be something rude, I didn’t know their culture so well, and just when I was putting my hands back in my lap, the woman took them in hers.

And then what she said was the following ( I remember it and share it with you line by line! )

[pullquote align=”normal”]I can see you are struggling, my girl. I know this when I look at your face. Do you know our skin has all the answers to speak before we even say a word?

Every little thing in this world is intertwined. But you are the master and the leading hero of your story. No one will walk the path for you. Even when there are obstacles, they simply show us the right way.

If you have the courage, you will rise up from the flames and learn how to see through things from a different perspective. By the way, I am great grandma Cho, and I have been the facial specialist of Ji Su’s family.[/pullquote]

All I could say was:

[pullquote align=”normal”]Can you help me find the way to myself again? Please, I am feeling so hopeless![/pullquote]

And she answered:

[pullquote align=”normal”]I cannot do anything. But you can. I will only teach you what I know best — how to take care of your skin. And then you will know yourself better, me dear.[/pullquote]

This is How a Skincare Regimen Can Make You the Best Version of Yourself

This Is How A Skincare Regimen Can Make You The Best Version Of Yourself

After spending a whole month, saturated with unexpected knowledge in a completely different world from all that I was used to, I came back to America as the truest myself.

The Korean face routine taught me how to develop my skills and strive for revealing my full potential.

And indeed, everything showed on my face, even though I was only at the beginning of grasping the whole picture.

But my usual blemishes were gone, my skin tone was like a smooth and uniform canvas, and I coped with my combination skin issues.

Most of all, this was all a matter of deep understanding and religious following of the routine that I will share with you below.

And it’s much, much more than shallow cosmetic talk. This is a wealthy education on getting to know and respect your skin better. (source)

Are you’re ready to explore the best ways I have learned on my path, alongside with top experts guidance and professional advice from passionate skincare activists?

Just know that this is all for your sake for years to come!

If someone told me that a face care routine would turn my perception and philosophy on life upside down, the old skeptic me would probably laugh bitterly, or even worse -- just wave my hand and stay in my current state ... forever.

Why Korean Skin Care Works

Why Korean Skin Care Works

Now it’s crucial for me to make it clear exactly why and how Korean skin care works. We are going to travel far away from the drugstore skincare routine examples.

Still, drugstore products sometimes hide gemstones, it’s just that our focus is going to be in search for better and more lasting results.

You may stumble across numerous articles, blogs, vlogs-- you name it -- all explaining how the infinite 10 step Korean programme can help you get the skin of your dreams.

But if you want to know what no one tells you about this miracle approach, then you’re in the right place.

I follow a deeper motivation and feel the necessity and oblige to help you out in the labyrinth of promises and tutorials before slapping layers of products on your face.

Real Stories About One Unexpected Look on Life

Korean skin care works because Koreans follow it with dedication! 

Even that K drama top performers undergo many plastic surgery interventions, this has nothing to do with the quality of their skin but much with the society’s pressure on them. (source)

Yes, the successful Koreans I met ( those who were looking even better than K-pop artists we see on TV ), these people don’t go for short-term decisions, yet they don’t feel the need to go under the knife.

This is partially due to the differences that Confucianism leaves on their philosophy about life.

Confucianism is not merely a religion; it is more of a system, consisting of ethical rules and beliefs that lead people to one big idea -- that every person has a mission in this world.

That we have to contribute to serving a bigger purpose, which is part of our global development as a race.

You can’t imagine my face when I was introduced to the room I was going to sleep in during my Korean adventure.

My friend told me to go with her and meet her great-grandparents who were just the room next to mine.

And so I thought maybe they weren’t as lucky to still be so vital and healthy like great-grandma Cho.

But then what I saw exceeded any of my guessing. There were no people in this room, except for the two urns on the shelf.

It was not the first time I see an urn but this was a formal invitation for meeting her grandparents and I wasn’t expecting that. I wasn’t sure how to act, that’s all!

While I was fighting with my mixed feelings, my friend was smiling calmly and humbly, and I could see this was no joke for her. She believes in her heart that her relatives are right there. S

That’s how they understand the process of life itself-- it is all an never-ending evolution, transformation, where everything is intertwined.

Do You Have the Courage to See Through Things in a New Way?

This is only one of the examples, showing how much our cultures differ from each other.

But what I like the most is having the chance to spread this inheritance. And it’s not because it is better than that of any other nations. We are all one.

So how Korean skin care actually works depends much on each person. Not all people on the streets just roam around with the perfect faces, never heard of blemishes before! 

But those who keep the traditions and cherish their roots, can be easily spotted and discerned from all the rest from the very moment you pass them by.

These people, the bearers of ancient wisdom, have nothing to do with the heavy makeup looks.

They will remain in my head as a gentle flow of fresh breeze, exciting you with their natural beauty, as if they are coming from your dreams and not from this earth.

These people have been studying the language of their skin, and they have been curious, and open-minded, and restless.

And they never gave up! What great grandma Cho told me during my very first week was that you could know a good Korean when you meet face to face.

Those who haven’t forgotten the laws of nature, and have been discovering the truth for themselves, would have a glowing, clear, and porcelain-like skin.

Trust Me! - It's Best to Know What's Going on Behind the Scenes

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”My Great Grandma Cho”]Your skin shows what’s going on in and out of your body. This is an intricate connection, and when you make your way towards a suitable routine for you, your heart will come in line with your highest purpose.[/pullquote]

And this was the second most important lesson I carry from my time in Korea.

Another profound reason why Koreans ways of taking care of the skin work is because they start educating their children on the importance of that process from a very early age.

And isn’t it logical that since we learn how to brush our teeth every day, is quite the same as timely awareness on looking after your skin?

Another thing that I notice is how Koreans observe the nature and implement its lessons into their skin care.

You can easily spot substances like Snail Slime, Starfish Extract, Pig Collagen, Caviar, as well as many known and unknown botanical extracts, which flow on the labels of Koreans cosmetic lines.

And when they spice things up with their unceasing hunger for scientific discoveries and cut edge technologies -- Voila!

You can hold in your hands a good Korean cream, and this will not be something that a big company just spit out for the sake of buying.

Koreans put their hearts, beliefs, and knowledge in their cosmetics with a mind for other people’s well-being and health.

You Need to Know How to Get Korean Skin Naturally!

You Need To Know How To Get Korean Skin Naturally

As mentioned above, the whole 10 step thingie is not the entire go-to method that will magically heal your skin all of a sudden.

You should also try to expand your daily skin care routine at home, and try using some natural remedies, as well.

Below are some more useful tips to help you out.

While I was in Korea, I paid attention to their food preferences. Almost every time we were eating, there was kimchi on the side with each meal.

Kimchi is slices fermented cabbage with anchovy paste and red chili sauce. That is something genius when it comes to feeding for skin’s sake.

1. Learn How to Choose The Best Food for Your Skin

Learn How To Choose The Best Food For Your Skin

No, there’s no ready answer on that one. Here’s where you step in. You can dig in deeper into some tips we have further on the article.

Meanwhile, fermented cabbage contains a mouthful of nutritious elements, essential vitamins, minerals.

Some of these compounds are unique and found only in cabbage which is something like a silent king on the scale of healthy vegetables.

And taking it regularly, enhanced with the boosting metabolic properties of chili-- wow, this is an unbelievably well-working strategy.

Of course, I’m not telling you to start with Kimchi because it’s hard for all of us who haven’t grown with it, and either way, we just can’t keep the dedicated kimchi eating tempo of Koreans, we just can’t. (source)

2. How to Support and Enhance the Right Flow of Air in the Skin

How To Support And Enhance The Right Flow Of Air In The Skin

Borrow the Koreans “chai-yok” practice, which is already a favorite one among the health-aware celebrity names, such as Gwyneth Paltrow. 

This means you should have a special steam bath and an appointment to get it infused with medicinal herbs and spices.

And while this is an amazing way to let your entire body clear of toxins and flush out all impurities, here’s some easy-peasy guidance on optimizing this therapy at your home.

You can deconstruct this practice very effortlessly and apply the approach to your face.

Have a good steam bath, using your favorite tea. Then immediately splash the warm skin of the face with cold water, and go in the shower.

There you can use the rest of the tea to rub it into your skin as a natural exfoliator very gently. 

Meanwhile, the remnants in the pores will be washed out once again with water. Afterward, you can follow your complete regimen.

3. Do You Know All the Ways to Boost Your Skin’s Hydration?

Do You Know All The Ways To Boost Your Skin’s Hydration

Apart from the good golden ground rule for drinking at least 8 glasses per day, every possible moment can turn into a suitable one to hydrate your skin.

Most Koreans carry around a handy mist in their bags, which is common both for men and women. Some of these are store-bought beauty mists, but many are homemade by the Koreans themselves.

They use distilled water, and mix it with herbal tea, rose water, and sometimes a low quantity of essential oils.

Apart from being a great way to cope with summer heats, these mists are like fresh spring of invigoration for the skin. They support it throughout the day.

You can spray these on with or without makeup because it all depends on the distance of application.

There’s so much more to add to that topic. You just have to take a look at the following article: Korean Skin Care Tips For Flawless Skin.

How to Make the Most of Your 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine

How To Make The Most Of Your 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine

Nothing ringed the bell in my head so loud like grandma Cho’s explanation on the steps of a good facial care routine:

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”My Great Grandma Cho”]Just master each little detail about your regimen, and then all you’ll have to do is implement and repeat. Every day until you start seeing what you are looking for in the mirror. And never forget about the 2 keys: Experiments and Self Observation.[/pullquote]

These words strike a chord for their usefulness, both when it comes to the true meaning if skin care, and life itself.

And so here are all the steps to follow, curated with the dedicated help and uncensored wisdom of grandma Cho, sprinkled with expert knowledge and self-tested practices.

Step 1: How to Extend the Benefits of an Oil-Based Cleanser

How To Extend The Benefits Of An Oil Based Cleanser

Oil cleansers do the trick of preparing your skin for cleansing in the best possible way. 

During the day, we are hit from numerous directions. We have dirt, pollution, HEV light.

Meanwhile, our skin is fighting to grasp breath beneath the cosmetics, which partially blocks the normal flow of sebum in and out. (source)

The result? -- Day by day, the pores get clogged with impurities.

However, we think we are cleaning it thoroughly with a good face wash, a toner, and regular exfoliation.

But that’s such a messy mess!

We don’t even get close to the very root of clogged pores -- oils. Only oils can bind with other oils, and remove these entirely.

So when you first go over the face with a clean cotton pad, soaked in an oil-based cleanser, it helps to get you rid of an invisible layer of oil-based grime.

And it doesn’t end here.

Moreover, starting with an oil-based cleanser, the skin gets softer and receives extra protection from absorbing all the harmful chloride in plain tap water.

On top of that, this type of cleanser limits the adverse effect of the saponifying agents in your basic face wash.

These elements needed for a squeaky clean cleanse do much damage to the natural protective barrier of the skin when regularly used on their own.

The bad thing is, you won’t get to notice this damage for months, and sometimes even years!

And once you get to experience a skin issue, it is very tough to go back to your regimen and distinguish which product exactly resulted in problems for you.

You can check out this list, containing more about the best Korean oil cleansers.

Step 2: Why You Should Never Miss Out the Cleaning

Why You Should Never Miss Out The Cleaning

And now it’s the perfect time to proceed with a suitable cleanser. This will ensure that all accumulated particles from the outside world get washed away with water.

Foamy cleansers are a wise option, as they reduce the friction between the product and the skin. That limits chances of irritation, calms acne prone skin, and reduces redness, as well as bumps.

The best advice I learned about cleansers is that they work most well when you alternate them regularly.

This means you can have a gel cleanser, a foamy cleanser, a soap bar, and a cream cleanser.

How you choose to use them during the month highly depends on your skin type and activities.

For the hot, summertime, let foamy washes be a 3-4 days of the week, along with soap up to thrice and a creamy one no more than 2 days.

That’s only an example of the principle of alternating itself. And if you are looking for a good one to use, click here for our favorite list of the best Korean foam cleansers.

Step 3: How to Turn Exfoliation in Your Favour

How To Turn Exfoliation In Your Favour

Now exfoliation is the highest quality pilotage that you can obtain and utilize in a successful skin care regimen.

But what’s the secret recipe? How often should we exfoliate?

Then again, there is no single answer to this question. Everybody’s skin is so independent and individual!

I have a list of the best guidance for you, though, and it will help you make the most of the exfoliation process.

Use different exfoliators

Much like the advice for cleansers, having a few types of scrub handy are among the little-known ways of maximizing the effect of exfoliating.

Oil-based ones are great especially before and after you shave. They create such a smooth gliding on the skin, and limit any possible irritations.

Don’t forget to enjoy a good natural exfoliator and why not DIY?

You have all you need in your fridge, and even more!

That type of exfoliators is very gentle on the skin, and the best thing is -- you know what gets in touch with you precisely! 

Nevertheless, nothing can substitute the fresh compounds and their beneficial action when applied directly for topical use.

Don't forget to check out our top picks for the best Korean exfoliators here.

Step 4: Find Out Why Utilizing a Toner Is the Best Decision Ever

Find Out Why Utilizing A Toner Is The Best Decision Ever 1

And now the holy grail for a healthy skin -- the toner. The Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing Routine has many, many faithful followers throughout the years.

But how many of them do it strictly enough? That’s when the Koreans ways kick in again.

The whole manner Koreans use a toner is much different than that of the Western world. Remember the primary purpose of your toner.

It is not only for removing excessive dirt or eventual leftovers after cleansing. It serves a much higher mission  -- and that’s to restore the natural ph levels which decline rapidly after washing the face.

And so the moment you think you are just done with cleansing and ready to skip toning for moisturizing -- think twice

Toning the skin is a crucial step that separates amateurs from pros when it comes to taking care of the skin.

And talking about pros -- you can follow the link below to one of my favorite toner articles, which is full of useful tips.

Don't forget to check out our roundup of the best Korean toners here to find the most effective one that works for your skin.

Step 5: How to Use Your Essence the Right Way

How To Use Your Essence The Right Way

We need to discern what is essence, ampoule, and serum, and I have summed it all up brilliantly, thanks to my Korean visit.

So can you tell the differences between essences and ampoules?

An ampoule is an equivalent of an essence with characteristics of a mask (that why it’s best to use it at night!).

Next, an essence is quite similar to the serum, but it is the base for reaping all the benefits of this particular serum.

It has a light structure and low surface tension on the skin, and it prepares the face for absorbing well the rest of the cosmetics.

And when you choose a good one, all you have to do is start using it regularly! (a drawer full of unused cosmetics is the last thing you will see in a Korean house!)

Here's a full list of the best Korean essences that we are using everyday. Make sure you check it out now!

Step 6: Now Learn How to Optimize the Hidden Power of Your Serum

Now Learn How To Optimize The Hidden Power Of Your Serum

Serums are a must-have in every true beauty addict by heart bag. Grandma Cho told me stories about her family, who had a long tradition of making homemade potions which are created the same way modern serums are.

For her, that means well-concentrated ingredients in a clean, dark glass bottle, which you keep away from light, high humidity and high temperatures.

From a scientific point of view, serums have a different level of penetration than moisturizers.

Their whole structure has to make the seeping of healthy, concentrated ingredients, very fast and efficient.

Serums’ beneficial compounds don’t stay on the surface and help to lubricate and hydrate the skin the same way as moisturizers.

These are much like a vitamin bomb for the skin, and it takes only a few drops and a few moves to apply serums and enjoy their action.

Just don’t forget to let them time to absorb and don’t hurry to put more cosmetics on top. Let the essential substances from serums soak deeply and undisturbed by other ingredients.

Finding a suitable serum is not a dream task, and it’s easy to get lost with so many products available.

Here’s a list, containing some genius insights and recommendations about the best Korean serums.

Step 7: Why Face Masks Are a Guilt-free Way to Boost Your Mood

Why Face Masks Are A Guilt Free Way To Boost Your Mood

Ah, face masks -- the elixirs of womanness! Probably the best way to describe the action of a good face mask is what fruits and vegetable do for our bodies.

​They are irreplaceable, boost vitality, supply with essential vitamins and nutrients, as well as cleanse from toxins which are very hard to reach with any other approach.

Then again, alternating is key. And it is so, so funny and relaxing!

We can have peel-offs, nourishing masks, sheet masks, eye sheets, cooling masks, and just everything our skin can dream of -- it can even be a single click away.

That’s amazing, but what Koreans do better is that they really find time to use these on a regular basis.

The mere fact that they give away sheet masks as you are walking down the street, shows how they reach towards other people to teach them taking care of the skin.

If you want to get more details about face masks, you can follow the link. Or you can also read our roundup of the best Korean sleeping masks here.

Step 8: The Best Ways to Use Eye Creams (and How to Make This an Eye-Opening Experience)

The Best Ways To Use Eye Creams And How To Make This An Eye Opening

And here’s the missing link which determines whether or not, and for how long you can keep your youthful complexion.

Remember that eye creams refer to the eyes as exercise refers to the body. That particular type of cosmetics helps to preserve and support the naturally thin, fragile, and vulnerable skin surrounding the eyes.

Furthermore, while you are applying your cream, this aids in toning and stimulating the otherwise almost muscleless skin in the eye perimeter. It improves the blood flow in this area and keeps the skin in shape.

Patting your eye cream is like a morning gymnastics for the under eye zone, and the more often you do it, the better for your glowing complexion.

And here Koreans outgo our best results with eye creams mostly because they do imply theirs without underestimation of that process.

To be honest, before ever getting to know more about the ways we treat the skin and their relation to our character, I barely put my eye cream in the morning, and the evening dose was more of a fantasy to me.

But it’s never too late to build healthy habits! And the earlier we start, the more we get in repay.

For getting more familiar with the eye creams topic, you can check out our top picks for the best Korean eye creams and here for the best Korean anti-aging creams.

Step 9. This Unique Moisturization Method Will Amaze You!

This Unique Moisturization Method Will Amaze You

I want to keep it brief with moisturizers, just because I believe we all know this step very well.

What we have to do, however, is find out the most suitable for our skin type and current state.

As to my impressions with Koreans secrets on this step-- well, sorry but we need to catch up once more!

We can’t improve easily their best practices, which include applying a moisturizer a few times during the day, without regards to eventual disrupting of the makeup. Hooray, for our brave brothers and sisters from Korea!

I have watched them in amazement cleaning their faces with water just while walking down the street, and then, without even stopping by, taking some moisturizer out of their bags and putting small dots all over the face, massaging them in motion.

And all that process happening in the blink of an eye, the same way we would grab a tic tac and freshen the breath.

There’s more about the best Korean moisturizers right here.

Step 10. Protect Your Skin in Every Possible Way You Can

Protect Your Skin In Every Possible Way

And here’s the part where many of the best warriors fail.

Hail His Royal Majesty -- the Sun, Keeper of the Ancient Fire. This was supposed to be funny, in lines with Koreans celebrations, involving the Moon.

But anyway -- it’s still a good trick to drive attention towards one of the most significant milestones towards an impeccable skin.

So how about you? Do you apply your sunscreen every single day?

Even when it’s cold and cloudy outside? Well, if you don’t, and you are in grandma Cho’s company, she will lock the door until you slap on a sunscreen.

And yes, Koreans do score some extra points here for their ironclad approach towards the sun and the harmful UVA/UVB rays.

Scientific research confirms that the ultraviolet rays are the main disruptors for attacking the skin’s oxidant levels, leading to premature aging and dullness.

If you are looking for an ultimate product to protect your skin, don't forget to take a sneak peak on the best Korean sunscreens here.

Step 10 + 1: Repeat the Process and Why This is the Most Crucial Part in The Korean Skin Care Regimen

Repeat The Process And Why This Is The Most Crucial Part In The Korean Skin Care Regimen 1

Honestly, we can’t get a glowing skin overnight. We’re not in some of those TV commercials; that is real life.

It takes time, and without your persistence and motivation to follow the process repeatedly -- it will be a waste.

If you want to achieve healthy skin, you must follow the routine day after day, and then some more. That’s what a good daily (and nightly) routine is all about.

Korean Skin Care Routine Day And Night

Korean Skin Care Routine Day And Night

Now how you will choose to prioritize your skincare routine order will determine much of the results you will get.

Think of it this way -- there is a time when you go to work, and time when you get back home to remove all the traces of your daily activity.

Accordingly optimizing your skincare regimen is your gateway to maximizing the benefits of the cosmetics you apply.

Morning Routine

Start with some Good morning exercise

That process can be a mere 5 minutes when you can stretch, do some simple gymnastics, a super fast cardio jumping for a good 3 minutes -- any movement will be better than no movement at all!

Wash your face, rotating warm and cold water

Another brilliant way to improve blood circulation and freshen up that will also do you lots of good for strengthening the skin, is all hidden in the simple hot-cold routine. Do you make yours regularly? I bet you can make it even better!

Please, neglect your fluffy towel forever!

Are you really still using a towel to dry your face? If so, grandma Cho would frown at you very severely. You don’t want the nasty bacteria thriving between the hairs of your towel to get on your skin. Meanwhile, raised humidity only creates a suitable environment for the multiplication of harmful microorganisms. 

Now it’s time for an oil-based cleanser

Don’t skip on your oil-based product just because you are not wearing makeup when you wake up (or maybe you are?) Just remember all that we talked about in the article regarding the useful action of oils.

Washing 2 times in a row is not a sin

Not only that but washing more than once will ensure that your skin is as clean as it should be to get a gulp of fresh air. Don’t be lazy!

Don’t you dare forget about the toner

Keep in mind that the right ph level means less possibility of developing or worsening any skin issues. Moreover, you will prepare your skin and protect it from getting clogged with the ingredients of your whole makeup kit.

The Triple MMM - Moisturizing & Massaging Method

Start with your eye cream, tap it gently, let it dry, and then continue with your whole moisturizing routine. You can skip the essence in the morning, but don’t leave behind your serum. Then you can proceed with a moisturizer, and massaging it with the good old circular movements will enhance its penetration and benefits.

Last but not least - it’s your sunscreen

Want that porcelain skin? Then your sunscreen has to become your best friend. Fortunately, there are so many exquisite formulations nowadays, that they even work as a tiny layer of primer, instead of leaving some unpleasant residue behind.

And there you go -- you have it the Korean way! These are some of the best tips for you to understand well your morning face routine. 

And if you are determined to follow them religiously -- then you’ll most certainly get a healthy skin.

Another memorable example of the best Korean practices and their unbelievable connection with nature is grandma’s Cho explanation on the way our body changes during the night.

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”My Great Grandma Cho”]When darkness falls, your Yin and Yang come back together after a long day. This is the moment your body is looking for peace, and rearranging the reactions which occur on a cellular level. It’s the best time to indulge in a good skin therapy.[/pullquote]

Now let's find out the best evening routine you can follow to achieve flawless and healthier skin.

Nighttime Routine

Start with your oil-based cleanser

Show these impurities they don’t stand a chance with you. Are you just going to leave them to clog your pores?

Proceed with your regular wash

Now here’s a little trick on this one. As we discussed above, washing the face twice would be your best move. But for your nighttime face routine, go over with a cotton pad before your last splash with water. (P.S. We also made a detailed roundup of the best Korean face wash on the market, I'm sure you want to check it out as well!)

No toner is a boner

The more you choose to use your toner each time after cleansing, the better. It’s that simple. At night, you can try the Koreans patented way of layering the toner with bare hands, and gently slapping the face, so the product seeps deep into the skin.

Halleluyah for the face masks!

Is there any better ritual than putting on a nutritious face mask and giving yourself some well-spent time to show your skin the respect it deserves? It’s just that Koreans won’t be waiting for their skin to get exhausted, and that’s why face masks are merely a regular part of the in-shower routine.

There’s no more suitable time than after-mask for your essences and ampoules

Treat your thirsty skin with all the beneficial elements, saturated in a good essence or ampoule. Nighttime is the best moment to use these because you will have less to worry about future problems with your makeup.

Put on your eye night cream, your serum, and finish with a moisturizer

You see how easy and relaxing are all of these steps? Apart from enjoying your night beauty routine, you will prepare the skin for a great beauty sleep to wake up for a fantabulous day!

Bonus Pro Tip - Sleep Packs

Bonus Pro Tip Sleep Packs

That original type of cosmetic tools cannot be summed up as ordinary face masks.

In fact, these sleep packs are one of my favorite Korean discoveries, and there’s no way to describe their incredible benefits -- you just need to try it for yourself.

I have to admit it was hard for me, in the beginning, to get used with sleeping, while something is hanging on my face, but it all gets better with practice.

And it’s worth the efforts!

FYI, we've even made a more detailed guide on the daily Korean skin care routine, where you can learn how to treat your skin the best way and achieve healthier skin in a short period of time. Make sure you check it out as well!

The Best Everyday K-Beauty Routine For All Skin Types

K-Beauty Routine For All Skin Types

Talking about skin types, a different type of skin needs different care.

We know this fair well, so all the useful tips that I have for you about each skin type, are unique and little-known approaches.

You can discover much in-depth information concerning your skin type, following the link at the end of each section.

Now for those of you with mature skin, I will make things very straight to the point.

That’s because I believe you know well why the correct skin care regimen is so significant for you. And you do not have a minute to waste.

Oily Skin

Oily skin is showing you that your body is doing its best in order to lubricate and protect the dermal layers. You see, things, in reality, are much better than you probably think.

So here’s how you can improve your routine for oily skin and make it work in your favor:

Avoiding an oil-based cleanser might be one of the biggest mistakes

Yes, we shared very practical information about the beneficial action of oil-based cleansers. So I’ll keep it very brief: just use your oil-based cleanser, that’s all!

Don’t overuse products with alcohol.

Alcohols dry out the skin, and so they help temporarily to keep the greasy shine at bay. But simultaneously, they deepen your problems.

Moisturization remains a must.

Don’t think that your oily issues will diminish with less moisturization. In fact, your skin needs it no less than any other of the types.

Your skin treats faster with less makeup

Oily skin has a low tolerance for heavy layers of makeup. Whenever you can - go for more natural looks. If you get to think of that, Koreans have turned a dewy skin into the latest beauty trends!

Catch the DIY spirit

What your skin type needs is support. Feed it with fresh masks, apply essential oils, make your own scrubs-- you won’t spoil it. Your skin will pay you with better control over sebum production.

Dry Skin

If your skin feels itchy, rough and tight, you probably have dry skin, and of course it needs your extra care and attention.

And so, in case you are willing to explore new ways to upgrade your routine for dry skin, here’s what it takes:

Avoid over-washing

Chloride in plain tap water is your worst enemy. You can alternate it with distilled water, or splash the face with boiled tea, instead.

Make your toner your best friend.

The missing key to restoring your skin might be just because of insufficient toning regimen. The Koreans layer after layer method is a great alternative.

Moisturizing throughout the day

Moisturizing multiple times a day can help you need less makeup in return. If your job position doesn’t allow you to do so-- then compensate when you get back home.

The more, the better

Dry skin types are among the lucky ones that can experiment with many cosmetics. It’s also best if you use more natural lines because then the compounds are less likely to interfere with each other adversely.

Be careful with exfoliation.

It is utterly important that you remove dead skin cells well. But overdoing it can only lead to a more flaky skin.

Combination Skin

For those of you who need a suitable routine for combination skin, I have some good news.

You have a much broader choice among cosmetics for the oily and dry skin. Now let's dive into our best tips for choosing the right routine for your combination skin.

Forget about the perfect products.

Sure, there are some basic cosmetics, tailored for combination skin type but it’s really just the grounding.

Pay attention how you apply your cosmetics.

One simple rule: Spend more time and put more pressure on the dry zones. Massage and tap. Spend less time and put less pressure on the oily zones. You don’t need to disrupt your oil glands any further.

Picture yourself with the skin of your dreams

Long after grandma Cho told me about that, I found much more on psychodermatology. This an amazing approach towards any skin issue. It’s all science!

Smile more to boost face muscles tonus

The right facial moves are performed in a specific manner-- first, you tighten the muscles, and then you stretch.

An essence might be just what you need.

Essences are lightweight and very gentle. These are the exact characteristics that can support combination skin to make it more uniform.

Acne Prone Skin

Cho told me incredible stories about an island, called Kitava, where acne doesn’t exist. Yes, it doesn’t even exist! 

How good is your routine for acne prone skin at this point? Read on and find out our best tips and tricks:

Don’t use acne products all the time.

Many acne ointments are super-saturated with active compounds, and that can get you into a mess.

Show your skin some support

The fact that you have acne now, doesn’t mean you’ll have it forever. You can’t stay focused only on that. That puts your organism under stress.

Your sunscreen is a shield from irritation.

Choose a reliable sunscreen with natural elements, such as Zinc Oxide. In fact, it even helps speeding up the healing of blemishes.

A suitable foundation is a life changer.

A good foundation can help your acne clear faster. It should let the skin breathe but provide a sustainable coverage. Best choice -- mineral-based cosmetics. (FYI, you can check out our reviews of the best Korean foundation here).

Be careful with primers and setting sprays.

You can find a nice primer but don’t overuse it. The less and the more quality cosmetics you put on your skin, the better.

Sensitive Skin

People with sensitive encounter much difficulties with finding the right products.

But if you adopt a suitable routine for sensitive skin, you can help much to strengthen the protective layers. Here are the best tips for you:

You can also try the Korean regimen

Don’t start implementing all the steps simultaneously. Start gradually so if any reactions occur, you can distinguish which is the product that caused this.

Nature is the most incredible healer

That refers to all of us but people with sensitive skin seem to be closer to the true meaning of these words. Many natural based lines were designed to help people with sensitive skin in the beginning.

Make your personal cosmetic kits.

From oil-based cleansers to creams and scrubs-- you can do so much to give your skin some extra attention and protection.

Don’t go for squeaky clean.

Other skin types can benefit from this approach but not you. No need to put your skin under the pressure of astringents that lead to the squeaky feel itself.

Always use a light hand.

Your skin is sensitive to touch as well, and you’d better be gentle. Sensitive skin is like a fragile flower which can grow stronger if you know how to treat it right.

Mature Skin

If you have mature skin or you're experiencing premature aging, your skin will require an extra care for sure.

However, you can easily restore your skin's youthfulness with some little tricks.

No creasing, no caking, no baking. Don’t miss out to check the full version of the best expert advice for your mature skin below.

You can have it all!

Mature skin is thirsty to suck each healthy ingredient you apply. And so while for people with sensitive skin it can be hard to assemble their complete kit without much trial and errors, you can experiment with cosmetics as much as you want. The more, the better!

Don’t limit yourself only to “products for mature skin."

There is such an abundance of various cosmetic lines that can support your aging skin. The well-known compounds to stimulate elasticity and plump out the skin are the basics of your regimen. But you shouldn’t miss out to try new formulations. Antioxidants, botanical extracts, and essential oils can do much for your skin condition, even if they don’t contain a trace of collagen.

Make eye creams your morning coffee.

As the skin in the under-eye area is so fragile, there’s no excuse for you to skip on a suitable eye cream both day and night. Then again--the more, the better!

Moisturization is never too much

Every gulp of hydration that you give to your skin can only be compared to the care a mom gives to her baby. Show your skin more support in every possible way.

Who says makeup can’t look amazing on you?

After you have done all the steps in your skincare regimen correctly, your makeup will look in a completely different way.

You can check out our Korean Beauty Regimen article for more details on how to implement the right routine for your skin type.

Korean Makeup Routine

Korean Makeup Routine

The Korean approach to makeup is genius in its simplicity. (source)

And though I will not possibly put all the best techniques here, I will give you a brief outline to light your path.

And a link to one of my favorite in-depth articles on the topic.

  • check

    Start with a thorough cleansing: The double cleansing method plus dabbing toner on your face is the first step.

  • check

    Proceed with an essence and serum: And don’t forget to allow these to dry for a minimum of 4 minutes.

  • check

    Then you put a moisturizer: After massaging it well into the skin, let it sink thoroughly.

  • check

    The sunscreen remains a must: The fact that Koreans try to enhance their natural radiant glow doesn’t mean they will skip on protection.

  • check

    Now a BB cream: The BB cream can give you sun protection, nourishment, an evening of the skin tone, and anti-aging properties. (Click here for our entire list of the best Korean BB creams)

  • check

    Use CC cream if needed: If you want to tone down redness, a CC cream goes well hand in hand with a BB cream. (And here is our roundup of the best Korean CC creams on the market).

  • check

    Master the techniques for a natural look: Start by rubbing the creams well between your fingers to help their pigments oxidize.

  • check

    How about a primer? Primers are also a part of the Koreans makeup style, and I am astonished why so few articles mention that. Just a thin, almost invisible layer to avoid going overly matte but blur the visibility of the pores. (You can check out our reviews of the best Korean primers here).

  • check

    Take advantage of the revolutionary cushion compact: That is the exact approach that can enhance your looks. It is easy to reapply and build to the desired coverage. Touch-ups friendly.

  • check

    Choose a great eyeliner: That is what most Korean women put every day. No dramatic lines, just a fresh and elegant, thin layer.

  • check

    Master the gradient lips style: You do this with a lip tint of 2 colors and lip brush (optional) to make your lips lighter at the ends and darker in the center. Meanwhile, the gradual melting of the colors makes you look like you’ve just sucked a strawberry lollipop. (If you are looking for some good lip care products to use, you can read our detailed reviews of the best Korean lipsticks and the best Korean lip masks here)

  • check

    No hard lines: I am not sure if contouring will ever get massive support in Korea. Koreans opt for a complexion which is very smooth and uniform. This skin appearance makes you want to touch the face and see if it’s real.

There are many ways in which you can diversify and enrich your style. You can find more on the Korean makeup routine, including expert guidance here.

Korean Skin Care Routine For Men

Korean Skin Care Routine For Men

We come to my favorite part. That’s because it’s hard to describe my amazement and respect towards the men I met in Korea.

I have to confess that I was feeling a bit embarrassed when men with such an impeccable skin passed me by at first.

It’s not normal that like 80% of males walking around seemed to come out of a fashion skin care magazine. I’m telling you, it’s almost crazy!

But for the Eastern world, this is something ordinary. During my visit to Japan, I noticed the same tendency with males.

These guys really know what’s going on with their skin. I don’t think there’s a woman who will miss out getting a huge impression with a man who has a flawless face.

It’s sure liberating to see that the restrictions once separating us from males are falling apart to pave a new path.

Why should skin care be limited to the women? Don’t you think this sounds a bit insane in nowadays world? Life is all about experiences, upgrade, and uplift.

For all our men readers, keep up the good job, don’t leave behind from the rest of the world!

Knowing that a man’s skin is naturally more thick than women’s doesn’t mean we should deprive it of proper care. (source)

Here’s what you can bargain from the best Korean practices.

  • check

    Men skin care is not less manly than going to the gym: Of course, it is not! Your skin is your pass to the world, we talk face to face, and we love men who are good at maintaining a healthy complexion. Just check this guy out. Not bad for a grandfather, what you think?

  • check

    Do your cleansing well: Gender doesn’t matter, especially when it comes to germs, pollutants, and dirt. Then you know what to do-- clean your face thoroughly and regularly with the right product.

  • check

    Exfoliation is totally unisex: Another form of deep cleansing -- that’s what scrubbing is all about. So yes, of course, you need it to your skincare routine.

  • check

    Moisturization means accomplishment: Please don’t restrict yourself to slapping whatever cream gets in your hands every now and then. Timely and adequate moisturization will help you look younger longer, compared to those fellows who refuse to take theirs seriously.

  • check

    What about the sunscreen? The sunscreen is your go-to tool. If you are raised in Korea, you will already have this healthy habit completely developed. That’s one way to block harmful elements and prevent free radical damage.

  • check

    Hello, eye creams: If you haven’t met with your eye cream, then I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Our eyes make up to 80% of the impression we leave on other people “from first sight.”

  • check

    A BB cream is kicking in: Since BB creams are made to provide skin healing properties with light and buildable coverage, why don’t you take advantage of one? You can put the desired amount and even your skin tone without a trace of wearing makeup.

  • check

    Keep a humidifier handy: Korean men don’t mind installing their humidifier on the desk at the office. However, you can still use one at home, which is indeed very comfortable. Hydration is never enough.

  • check

    Change your pillowcases as often as possible: That is a trick even young Korean boys know. By doing so, you will limit the bacteria that get in touch with your skin. And meanwhile, research shows that a clean pillowcase can help to delay signs of aging.

  • check

    Follow your day and night regimen strictly: Indeed, products are made different to provide different benefits. It’s not much effort, but worth the time you put in a good regimen for the day, and for the night. (And vice versa)

The Bottom Line

Now that you read the final lines, I want to thank you for sharing this journey with me.

My wish is that you understand how life is all about actions. Beautiful words don’t mean a thing if we can’t turn them into reality.

I also feel the need to acknowledge once more our dear Cho, and here’s what she told me when I was leaving:

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”My Great Grandma Cho”]

My send-off gift to you, me dear, is to remind you that nobody can walk the path for you. It all begins with small steps every single day.

That’s what makes people conscious human beings. You can’t regret for something that has nothing to do with your free will.

Such things are called circumstances. But I do sorry for those who lack the courage and persistence to follow their dreams. Every new day is the best one yet to come.


When I started taking care of my skin in a meaningful way, I had no idea how much this will change my entire existence.

Gaining control over your relationship with the skin is how you stand out in this world.

And it’s not because of mere vanity -- but because of self-respect.

Growing is full of ups and downs, yet all the time, you share this process with one single, irreplaceable, silent and dedicated companion-- and that’s your skin.

Each little effort you put in cherishing that relationship is just destined to come back to you and repay every minute you spent.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 20 or 60 years old-- the responsibility remains. The choice is yours.

So what are you waiting for? Do what it takes, step by step-- just anything, except for taking no action at all.

You wake up with a smile and a warm feeling of accomplishment when you know you are doing the right thing.

Life is so short, and so unpredictable. But when it comes to walking your path in joy and harmony-- it’s all up to you.

Years will pass, and the world will keep rapidly evolving. New ideas and innovative ways to take care of the skin will be popping out as we expand our horizons.

But there’s something far more powerful in the Koreans skin care traditions. And it makes the Korean routine an immortal source of wisdom for generations to come.

Don’t be afraid to treat yourself right. This is not selfish; this is intelligent. Just be patient, stay consistent and leave an unforgettable impression on people before you even say a word.

That’s what a healthy skin does -- it speaks an international language that everybody understands. This is you in a nutshell. You can make it count!

When we feel good, this shows. You can spread your inner light, friends! That’s how we make the world a more beautiful place.

It all begins now. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift -- that’s why it’s called the present.” -- Bill Keane.

Nothing ringed the bell in my head so loud like grandma Cho’s explanation on the steps of a good facial care routine:

“Just master each little detail about your regimen, and then all you’ll have to do is implement and repeat. Every day until you start seeing what you are looking for in the mirror. And never forget about the 2 keys: Experiments and Self Observation.”

These words strike a chord for their usefulness, both when it comes to the true meaning if skin care, and life itself.