The Best Korean CC Cream – 2017 Reviews & Top Picks

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In order to help you find the perfect treatment for your skin, we’ve compiled 5 of the best Korean CC cream products. These creams were carefully evaluated based on their active ingredients that can improve your skin and give you a polished look. We believe these products are the best on the market that will fit your skincare needs.

CC Creams, also known as Color Correcting or Color Control creams, have been in the market for the past seven years, yet most people don’t know what this skin care/cosmetic hybrid can do for the skin.

Very few know the difference between a BB and a CC cream, and what makes the latter a favorite among Koreans.

Moreover, choosing the right CC cream can be difficult, as there are hundreds of them crowding shelves in department stores, drug stores, cosmetic hubs, and online stores.

Here, we’ve made a list of the best Korean CC creams that can give you a nice glow while caring for your skin.​


Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for the Best Korean CC Creams

Korea is the birthplace of several revolutionary skincare and beauty products, so it’s no wonder that beauty bloggers are raving about Korean CC creams in websites and videos.

Banila Co It Radiant CC Cream is our top pick for the best Korean CC cream. It moisturizes while giving the skin a brightening effect.​

Lioele Dollish CC Cera-V CC Cream has the triple benefits of whitening, anti-wrinkle, and UV protection. It leaves a fresh finish and keeps skin hydrated and supple, as well as gives skin a glowing look.

If you’re looking for a CC cream that comes in a handy cushion compact, then we recommend the Face Shop CC Cushion Ultra Moist. It gives a dewy finish, and it’s formulated to hydrate skin.

If you need a bit more coverage that comes close to that of a BB cream, Hera CC Cream can make spots and freckles look less visible while giving a natural finish.

Last, but definitely not the least on our list, is Etude House Correct And Care CC Cream in Silky. It can be quite difficult to blend, but if you can get past it, it’s a good CC cream to help even out your skin tone.

What Are CC Creams?

CC Creams are a spinoff of the popular BB creams or blemish balms. While the latter is formulated as a foundation to hide and treat blemishes, CC creams are made to provide sun protection and minimal coverage.

CC creams are also used to give sallow or red, chapped skin a more even-toned appearance.

Most CC creams give a brightening effect, and it’s usually the base or foundation of choice for young Koreans with normal to dry skin.

In its liquid form, a CC cream is very similar in texture to a tinted moisturizer, and those who used to be fans of tinted moisturizers have made the switch, as the majority of CC creams on the market are formulated with skin-friendly ingredients.

CC creams are known to be multitaskers, as each one appears to have more than one benefit. It’s not uncommon to have a CC cream with UV protection, anti-agers, and radiance-enhancing properties all in one tube.

While it’s likely that you won’t see immediate results after one application, you’ll see a difference in the way your skin looks after you’ve smoothed on any of the top 5 Korean CC creams on this list.

Should I Use CC Cream?​

If you’re looking for a daily base that offers minimum coverage, UV protection, and ingredients which are beneficial to your skin’s health, then a CC cream may be just what you need.

Most CC creams tend to be on the moisturizing side, so if you have skin that tends to get oily, you may need to apply a mattifying primer under it to keep shine at bay.

Keep in mind that BB creams and CC creams are very different from each other.

BB creams, or blemish balms, act like foundation with some skincare benefits mixed in it. CC creams, or color correcting creams, address issues such as sallowness or redness.

CC creams can be used on their own for a natural finish, though some hydrating formulas also work well under makeup.

The best way to apply CC cream is to dot a small amount on your cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin, and use your fingers to blend.

For a sheerer finish, you can also use a damp sponge or a foundation brush to apply the cream.

Make sure that your CC cream provides you with enough UV protection if you’re going to use it in lieu of sunscreen.

Otherwise, a thin layer of facial sunscreen under your CC cream may still be needed to protect your skin against skin cancer and premature aging.

Product Reviews: Our Top 5 Best Korean CC Creams​

#1 - Banila Co It Radiant CC Cream

Best Korean CC Creams - 1

Banila Co It Radiant CC Cream tops our list of the best Korean CC Creams because it’s enriched with Niacinamide, an ingredient that brightens dull skin for a glowing finish.

Spiked with Eco Herb Water Complex, this water-based CC cream helps give the appearance of a radiant complexion.

One thing that makes us fans of this CC cream is that it has SPF 30, which blocks nearly 97 percent of UVB radiation.

We used this as a base, but it can also be worn under another foundation. Worn alone, it has a satin finish, and it hides minor imperfections. However, we found that we need to apply a bit of concealer to cover spots.

Because the CC cream has a hydrating effect, it may help you if you have dry skin. If you have oily skin, you may need a bit of translucent powder to keep your face from getting too shiny.​

What We Like:

  • It gives a radiant finish
  • It has a light and fresh scent
  • Feels weightless and non-sticky

What We Didn't Like:

  • May be too shiny for oily skin
  • May cause breakouts for very oily skin
  • Comes in only one shade

#2 - Lioele Dollish CC Cera-V CC Cream

Enriched with SPF 34, this CC cream offers sun protection throughout the day. It contains Ceramides and Vitamin E, which nourish and hydrate skin.

Jojoba oil, Aloe Vera, and Seaweed coddles skin with moisturizing benefits, which may help make dull skin look healthier.

We like how this product comes in a pump, and though it has an odd, somewhat grainy texture, the soft and creamy formula blended out to match our skin tone.

Best Korean CC Creams - 2

However, it can appear a bit gray if you have a warm complexion, and it doesn’t match darker skin tones.

Another thing we love is that the CC cream is very light and comfortable to use, and it doesn’t feel smothering even in hot weather.

It does not have a matte finish, so if you’re after that effect, you may want to carry a few sheets of blotting paper to control excess oil and shine.​

What We Like:

  • It matches pale complexions
  • It moisturizes skin
  • Light and comfortable on the skin

What We Didn't Like:

  • May appear gray on warm skin tones
  • May not cover minor imperfections
  • May feel slightly oily midday

#3 - The Face Shop CC Cushion Ultra Moist

Best Korean CC Creams - 3

The only CC cream that comes in a cushion compact on our best Korean CC creams list, this moisturizing CC cream revives dull and dry skin with the hydrating properties of Calendula, Rosemary Leaf, and Lavender Extract.

Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen, this CC cream gives skin a supple texture, and helps reduce the look of fine lines to promote a more youthful glow.

We selected this CC cream because of its convenient packaging, which makes it easy to carry around for quick touch ups.

We applied this CC cushion on our face, and we love how lightweight and moist it felt on our skin. It has a sheer finish and makes our skin look more luminous.

It comes in three shades—Natural Beige, Apricot Beige, and Pure Beige. If you have a light to warm complexion, you can pick among any of the three shades to find a close match for your skin tone.​

What We Like:

  • Available in three shades
  • Comes in a handy cushion compact
  • Hydrates dry, dull skin

What We Didn't Like:

  • It doesn’t come in a shade that matches darker skin tones
  • Product can get easily contaminated
  • Not enough coverage

#4 - Hera CC Cream (SPF35 / PA++)

This CC cream is enriched with skin-loving ingredients such as Vitamin C for brightening and Grape Seed Oil, which strengthens cell membranes to help make skin appear younger.

This one makes the list, as it diminishes the appearance of freckles and dark spots.

We love that it offers a bit more coverage, so we only need a bit of concealer on top for the dark circles under our eyes.

Best Korean CC Creams - 4

A small amount goes a long way, and one pump was enough to dispense enough CC cream to cover our cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin.

There were two things that we didn’t like about this CC cream. First, it felt a bit dry, despite its hydrating ingredients. Also, it had a somewhat strong smell, and it may take a little getting used to.

It comes in three shades, which are Natural Beige, True Beige, and Pink Beige. If you have a warm complexion, the first two shades may be a close match for your skin tone, but if you have a rosy complexion or have a pink undertone, the Pink Beige may be a better pick.​

What We Like:

  • Hides dark spots
  • Matches most light skin tones
  • Available in three shades

What We Didn't Like:

  • May be a bit drying
  • May end up looking pasty on some complexions
  • Has a somewhat strong fragrance

#5 - Etude House Correct and Care CC Cream in Silky

Best Korean CC Creams - 5

This CC cream has Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, which is helpful in protecting skin from sun damage.

It also maintains skin’s freshness and it is valued for its anti-aging properties.

This CC Cream is a multitasker as it primes, hydrates, and protects skin for a healthier complexion.

After smoothing this cream on our face, our skin appeared to have a more even tone, but our freckles and acne were still visible.

It has a subtle and fresh scent, so this may work for you if you’re sensitive to strongly scented cosmetics.

One thing that we didn’t like about this CC cream is that it may emphasize dry spots, so we had a bit of flaking on our cheeks, and caking at the corners of our eyes and nose after application.​

What We Like:

  • Good for oily skin
  • Has a subtle and fresh scent
  • Good for daily wear

What We Didn't Like:

  • May emphasize dry spots
  • May not cover minor skin imperfections
  • May be difficult to blend

Latest Reviews and Comparisons of The Best Korean CC Creams




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  Best Choice  

Best Korean CC Creams - 1

Banila Co It Radiant CC Cream

  • Eco Herb Water Complex
  • Niacinamide
  • SPF 30
  • Moisturizes
  • Brightens skin

2nd Choice

Best Korean CC Creams - 2

Lioele Dollish CC Cera-V CC Cream

  • Jojoba oil
  • Vitamin E
  • SPF 34
  • Hydrates dry skin
  • Matches your skin tone

3rd Choice

Best Korean CC Creams - 3

Face Shop CC Cushion Ultra Moist

  • Calendula
  • Rosemary Leaf
  • Lavender Extract
  • Revives dull and dry skin
  • Comes in a handy package

4th Choice

Best Korean CC Creams - 4

Hera CC Cream

  • Vitamin C
  • Grape Seed oil
  • SPF 35
  • Helps make skin look younger
  • Offers medium coverage

5th Choice

Best Korean CC Creams - 5

Etude House Correct And Care CC Cream in Silky

  • Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract
  • SPF 30
  • Wrinkle Care Essence
  • Helps correct uneven skin tone
  • Hydrates, primes, and protects skin

The Bottom Line

A bit of CC cream can improve the look of skin that needs some color correction: so if you’re suffering from redness or sallowness, you can benefit from the use of a good formula that protects and nourishes your skin.

For this roundup, we recommend Banila Co It Radiant CC Cream as the best Korean CC cream for its brightening effect, SPF 30, and satin finish.​

It’s also quite versatile as you can wear it alone for a natural finish or under foundation as a moisturizing primer.

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