How To Remove Eye Bags Permanently With Under Eye Creams

Searching for innovative ways how to remove eye bags permanently? Stuck in the unequal battle with the tender skin in the eye zone? Get motivation for the best journey towards youthful and fresh complexion here!

Our age is no insurance for whether and when we will develop the annoying bags under the eyes.

On the other hand, the chances for swelling in this area increases as we reach maturity.

That’s because the skin tissues around the eyes start to weaken. Subsequently, these begin to sag and accommodate fluid beneath the surface of the skin.

But on the other hand, it can be caused by numerous factors, apart from the years.

As each organism is absolutely different, similar to dark circles, your eye bags can be due to alcohol, cigarettes, water retention, inappropriate sleeping position, and your food preferences, as well.

Lack of exercise and tension also contribute to waking up from bed to see the unpleasant swollen area.

So what you need to do first, is to determine what is the reason impacting you, and try to limit it as much as possible.

But one thing that remains the same for all of us, is that we also need to find and utilize a suitable eye cream to win this battle. 


Learn How To Adopt The Best Ways Mother Nature Has To Provide

Internal causes are one thing, yet topical treatment must become a religious routine if you want to both block and prevent such unpleasant conditions.

To maximize the effect of eye creams, you can try the fortification of some natural remedies, as well.

These can help to prepare the skin suck thoroughly all the healthy ingredients. 

Why Hot And Cold Is Better Than Gold!

Before applying your cream, cool down the skin. You can use ice cubes, cold slices of cucumber, or tablespoons, kept in the refrigerator (source).

It’s all about developing a morning ritual. So it sums up to your level of diligence to create these habits. It doesn’t take more than 3-5 minutes each morning, but it is worth the efforts! 

At night, you can put some more time into the routines. You can help your eyes relax by putting warm tea bags over for a good 15 minutes.

Green tea, Rooibos tea, as well as Chamomile are some of my favorite choices. The first two are full of antioxidants to block free radicals, while Chamomile has a distinct relaxing action.

My next step is a secret key that aids to tone down puffiness almost instantly. I prepare two slices of lemon and put them in the freezer while I am enjoying the warm tea bags.

So when I am done, I take the lemons and place them underneath the eyes. Vitamin C is a vitamin powerhouse. The alternation between warm and cool rapidly increases the blood flow.

Thus, the accumulated liquids find their way to transport around and dissolve instead of creating a swollen cushion beneath the eyes.

Finally, I put on my eye cream, and I know I did everything possible to help it travel easier into the skin, which is already prep to drink up the compounds completely. 

And How About Utilizing Some Natural Aloe Vera Gel? 

I have a secret recipe on this one. Personally, I love using freshly squeezed aloe juice from the plant I have in my home, but you can also try a store-bought one (source).

All I do is cut a leaf and put it in the freezer for about 20 minutes. Then I cut it down and collect the gel with a clean spoon. 

Next, I use a cotton pad to soak it in and place it on the zones I wish to treat.

Afterwards, I continue with applying a night eye cream (here's my favorite list) and dispense it carefully at least an inch away from the eye socket. 

If you put it too near, it can travel inwards and get in contact with the eyeballs which spells disaster.

Doing so creates a reaction between the eyes and the cream, and while we are sleeping, our organism is fighting to excrete the ingredients.

So we might end up looking more swollen than usual! 

Do We Have More Tricks Hiding In The Sleeve?

Another time favorite trick to assist the beneficial action of your eye cream on the puffy areas is…potato slices!

Potatoes have the ability to help decrease accumulated water that often causes under eye bags (source).

The astringents potatoes contain assists in removing the excessive aqua. So when you apply cream afterward, you can ripe all the benefits easily. 

The Bottom Line

Eye bags are not a curse. Instead of being unwanted guests, the swollen areas show up to point us that we are doing something wrong!

Maybe you have been too busy, or things were just a little bit crazy around. But remember that we all have these moments, yet that shouldn’t be an excuse to impact our confidence and good mood.

So don’t waste time on getting upset! Put that beautiful smile on your face and show these nasty under eye bags they don’t stand a chance with you!