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Our eyes are the most significant participants in the so-called “first eye contact” Apart from being in charge of the unique perception of the surrounding world, they create an instant, speechless dialogue with others.

It’s no wonder why some of the best-loved celebrities, such as Penelope Cruise, Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, Olivia Wilde, and Keira Knightley are famous for their enchanting eyes (source).

The skin in this area differs much from that covering the rest of our body. It’s all connected to the fact that our organism has individual mechanisms to protect the most sensitive parts from damage.

And since the eyes are so vulnerable and always exposed to outer stimuli, the skin in this zone is naturally thin, fragile, and photosensitive (source).


Moreover, the dermal layers of the lower eyelids are not as mobile as these of the upper eyelids.

That means the muscles in charge are not so developed. And given that every little mimic we do leaves an imprint in the under-eyes section, we must understand the significance of utmost care for this incredible skin perimeter.

Luckily, we are not living in the Medieval times. Back then, many church leaders exposed makeup as something sinful and immoral (source). Can you imagine how would the skin care nowadays look like if this trend has continued? 

But since we are a part of the modern history, we want to take advantage of all the best ways to maintain a glowing complexion.

What do eye creams do for your face?

Eye creams are an intricate beauty tool. With proper use and application, the right cosmetics can take away years off the face, as well as erase the traces of tiredness and busy pace life.

So if you're looking for a highly effective product to use, I'd recommend going for a Korean-brand eye cream

And the good news is eye creams are not just for women, there are many types of products that are designed specifically for men.

So if you're looking for a good eye cream for your husband, you can have a look at our top picks here.

The Grounding

What gets near the eyes MUST meet top hygienic standards.

Don’t use your bare hands to scoop the cream. Instead, do this with a wooden spatula which is the most non-reactive and natural material.

Now Let’s Become The Best Version Of Ourselves!

First, remember the basic rule that your eye cream travels almost an inch in about 1 to 2 hours after application.

What does this mean?

If we don’t dispense it correctly, the cream can get in direct contact with the eyes, and we must avoid this at any cost.

That can lead to irritation, inflammation, and even puffiness!

So next time you are using an eye cream at night and wake up in the morning to see that your face looks more swollen than usual, don’t blame your cosmetics! 

9 Little Known Hacks on How to Apply Eye Cream For Best Results

1. Cleanse, prep, and dry the skin: Don’t put on any other moisturizers, serums, masks, or whatever, until you first blend in your eye cream well. To understand where to apply your cream, imagine you are wearing sunglasses.

2. Use your ring finger: It serves as the best cushion of all the rest.

3. Start by rubbing a pea-sized amount between your fingers to warm it up a bit. That helps to mix the ingredients better, and stimulates the seeping in through the skin.

4. Dispense that amount in 5-6 smaller dots, resembling much the form of a rainbow. Imagine you are connecting these dots by tapping gently. That allows a better absorption and stimulates the blood flow.

5. Tap rhythmically to aid the even distribution further: Just count 1,2,3 and dab over from the inner eye corners to the orbital bone and vice versa. Moreover, that particular approach limits the friction we create on the skin with the movements. And nonetheless, it’s the best one to perform in order to protect the fragile capillaries from breaking.

6. Celebrity estheticians’ warning: Keep the eye cream away from the eyelashes! That sounds like an easy peasy task, but many people miss to pay attention and do this accidentally in their diligence.

7. Give your cream enough time to sink in and dry thoroughly. 15 minutes can sound like an eternity for most of the busy bees, but remember that quality results require quality actions.

8. The golden rules with eye creams: Less is more! As we mentioned above, the cream tends to spread and enter the eye socket. So even though putting a sustainable amount might sound like a good idea, it’s quite the opposite. Just read the instruction list carefully and don’t forget to observe how your unique organism reacts. It’s all a highly intuitive process, but much like everything in life, it just takes some time, will, and practice.

An Extra Tip For All The Beauty Addicts Out There!

Don’t forget to keep your eye cream away from sunlight, TV emissions, as well as high temperatures.

The good old rule to store the cosmetics in the fridge remains one of the staples to maintaining all the healthy ingredients.

The Bottom Line

All the actions we undertake (or don’t!) leave an imprint on the face. But you are not alone in this battle.

Isn’t it wonderful that we can learn from each other on the best ways to take care of the skin? 

We continue our mission of spreading the light of beauty and making it accessible by making you a part of the biggest community of cosmetic experts!

How To Apply Eye Cream The Correct Way

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