4 Simple Tips On How to Prevent Dark Circles With Eye Creams

Hate dark circles and ugly face? This article will teach you how to prevent dark circles the easiest way! Click here for more details!

I have to confess that I share a craze for pandas. Do you remember that phrase “Be like a panda. He’s Black. He’s white. He’s Asian.“

I often remind it when I need to get myself together and just stay cool! 

But there was this one moment that made me change my mind instantly. It has been a crazy swirl period.

I had so much work to do! I barely found any free days on my schedule. 


It Lasted For Months, Until That One Morning When.. 

My sweet neighbor passed me by with the line: “Gee, go get some sleep, girl you start to look like a panda bear!” 

Well, what can I say - he was right, yet I didn’t want to destroy my cute connotation of pandas, associating them with my new-come dark circles!

But What Is The Moral Of My Story?

Don’t wait for other people to start comparing you with a panda. Pay some attention to yourself!

Thankfully, we can’t complain about a deficit of marvelous beauty tools out there.

However, it’s so much wiser to just prevent dark circles from ever happening, than having to treat these! 

First, once dark circles or eye bags appear, they are very persistent.

Second, that hits right on your confidence from the very moment of waking up to see your reflection in the mirror.

Let’s Learn Together How To Optimize The Use of Eye Creams 

1. Rome wasn’t built in one day, do you remember? 

Consistency is key. The earlier you start taking proper care of the eye zone, the better. Then the more persistent you are -- guess what? The better, of course!

Forget about the excuses, the “oh, I’ll skip this today” moment, and you will have fewer problems to face later.

When I promised myself to follow my skin care routine religiously, I simply decided to look at my beauty regimen the same way as I take brushing my teeth.

2. Do You Know How To Practice Eye Skin Fitness?

Don’t forget the golden rule with eye creams -- tap, tap, tap! Browse the internet, and you’ll find numerous videos, pictures, and guides on how to dispense your eye cream.

But above all, these will have one thing in common: the significance of tapping in the cream. That is much like morning exercise for the skin surrounding the eyes (source).

It improves the blood circulation, fluids start flowing where they are supposed to, and as a bonus, that helps the tiny muscles in this zone tone!

Then again, consistency is key. Don’t turn around on that routine just because you may not notice what you wish for in a week, or two, or even a month.

Our body has complicate mechanisms, and it’s always a huge chain of reactions. So be patient, do your thing, and everything falls into place.

3. How To Turn Your Eye Cream Into Morning Wake-up Balm? 

Just store it in the refrigerator to keep it cool (source). Apart from preventing healthy ingredients of deteriorating or weakening, that method can further boost the blood flow in the area under the eyes.

After washing the face in the morning with warm water, instantly grab your cold cream and start tapping it into the skin. 

4. How To Become Better Than A Precise Surgeon?

Our eyes are a sacred window to the world, right?

No other organ can substitute their unique function. We know the eyes are very vulnerable to damage, pollution, and microbial attacks.

But the environmental stressors, as well as the germs, hit simultaneously on the eyes and the surrounding skin.

That’s why we should make everything possible to limit their adverse effect. That requires a bit more diligence and understanding.

You know how we touch each little thing with our hands? 

Well, the elements that remain left on the skin of our hands mustn’t get in touch with the tender eye area.

It’s Much like the proper distribution of eye creams. Scoop yours with a special spatula, or make sure you have just washed your hands.

Also, be careful not to apply the cream too near to the eyes, or it travels inside and leads to irritation.

The problem with such irritation is that it doesn’t reveal immediately. Instead, it accumulates in time and then-- oops, we’re getting the panda looks!

So if you think why is this happening to me, hmm, well, you know - we do it to ourselves!

The Bottom Line

We don’t take a pill for a headache if we have stomach pain. So don’t fool yourself into thinking that a moisturizer for the face does its job, and you don’t need an eye cream. 

My most friendly advice would be to start following your skin care regimen today and stop delaying for tomorrow.

This is your life, and it’s both a right and responsibility to maintain your glowing complexion.

After all, feeling awesome in our skin is priceless, and I don’t know about you, but I choose prevention!