In line with our goal of being your beauty expert, we’ve rounded up the best face wash for men. These facial washes were carefully selected because they contain great ingredients that are suitable for all skin types and can help you cleanse and refresh without drying your skin. We believe these products are the best on the market that you should consider adding to your beauty arsenal.

Soap and water might do the job, but with all the physical, chemical, and environmental stresses surrounding us right now, you may need a more powerful cleanser to combat daily skin irritants.

Face washes designed for men are slowly becoming a bathroom staple. Gone are the days when men would be scorned for using skin care products because it’s not a macho thing to do.

It’s a fact that men aren’t as into taking good care of their face as women. Some of you might wash your faces too often with the wrong product, leading to acne breakouts and drying skin.

Here’s a tip: ditch your good old soap for the best face wash for men. Soaps, though they can clean the face, prove to be very drying to the skin.

In contrast, face washes contain mild cleansing ingredients and skin conditioners that remove skin impurities and hydrate the skin.

A good face wash will make your complexion brighter, smoother, and feel refreshed. It should be a part of your skin care regimen or at the very least, your daily cleansing ritual.​


Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for The Best Face Wash for Men

OUR TOP #1 TOPIC - One of the most raved about cleansers on the market is the Rugged and Dapper Daily Power Scrub Facial Cleanser for Men due to its suitability for almost all skin types. Infused with all-natural ingredients such as willow bark and burdock root, this cleanser provides the much-needed moisture and treatment your skin deserves. That’s why it’s our top pick for the best face wash for men.

OUR TOP #2 TOPIC - For a cooling lather that cleanses and refreshes without over-drying the skin, Neutrogena Men Oil-Free Invigorating Foaming Face Wash is a great option. It contains glycerine and synthetic ingredients targeted to clean the pores thoroughly and improve the skin’s overall look.

OUR TOP #3 TOPIC - Do you prefer to use organic products? You might want to try out the Amara Organics Facial Cleanser. Vitamin C, aloe, rosehip oil, and tea tree oil are the primary ingredients of this face wash that claim to defy aging and reduce acne.

OUR TOP #4 TOPIC - The Nivea Men Original Moisturizing Face Wash protects and heals the skin through its provitamin B5 and vitamin E ingredients. Provitamin B5 alleviates acne and rash, while vitamin E protects the skin against UV damage and chemical stressors.

OUR TOP #5 TOPIC - For men suffering from oily and sensitive skin, the Brickell Men’s Clarifying Gel Face Wash for Men includes coconut oil, aloe vera, and geranium to moisturize the skin, thus avoiding unwanted flaking.

Face Wash Or Face Scrub?

When it’s your first time strolling across the skin care section of your local department store, you’ll easily get confused with a face scrub and face wash.

A face wash or facial cleanser, as we have mentioned before, uses mild cleansing ingredients to remove the oils and dirt on the skin as opposed to soaps which possess harsh cleansing agents.

Face washes are meant to eliminate skin impurities without washing away the natural sebum of the face. That’s why most facial cleansers contain skin conditioners that serve to hydrate the skin.

Conversely, a face scrub has an exfoliating property aside from merely ridding the skin of its impurities. The process of exfoliation removes the oldest dead skin cells on the outermost surface.

Similar to facials, small abrasive beads, or “microbeads”, present in the scrub gently exfoliate the skin to remove deep-seated dirt and dead skin cells.

How To Choose The Best Face Wash For Men​

The very first criteria you should consider when choosing a facial cleanser is its compatibility with your skin type.

Using the wrong face wash will lead to breakouts and aggravating the skin condition instead of improving it.

1. For sensitive skin​

Sensitive skin tends to breakout when exposed to products containing active synthetic ingredients.

Men with sensitive skin frequently suffer irritation and reddening by the mere act of shaving.

For starters, if you have very sensitive skin, choose a face was containing all natural ingredients.

Look for cleansers with a foamy texture and soothing ingredients such as aloe vera, coconut oil, willow bark, and charcoal.

These ingredients soak up impurities and keep the skin hydrated so they don’t dry out the skin.

Also, look for cleansers which produce a lot of lather to maintain the natural pH balance of the skin.

2. For dry skin​

Upon washing the face, a dry skin usually gets flaky, very dry, tight, and sometimes, itchy.

It’s best to use cleansers which remove dirt and oils without stripping away the skin’s natural sebum.

Such ingredients which maintain the natural oils of the skin are fruit oil extracts and glycerin.

These two hydrate the skin while letting the natural oils replenish themselves on the skin’s surface.

Also, look for the best face wash for men with a soap-free formula.

3. For oily skin​

Men with oily skin immediately get an unwanted greasy sheen after an hour of two of cleansing.

Chemicals contained in strong cleansers are intended to rip everything off from the face, including natural oils.

Ironically, excessive drying stimulates oil production. Thus, most face washes for oily skin uses similar formulations for sensitive skin.

Aloe vera, geranium, and coconut oil are highly potent ingredients to combat oily skin.

These substances dig deep to relieve the pores of impurities and slow the growth of bacteria, thus lessening the chances of breakouts.

4. For normal skin​

Men with normal skin have the easiest time when choosing a face wash. They rarely breakout, no skin flakiness or redness, and amazingly, their faces seem to be oil-free.

Due to their almost-perfect skins, they can use almost any type of cleanser without looking for specific ingredients.

But it’s better to pick a natural or organic face wash over a product that’s laden with synthetic ingredients.

Product Reviews: Our Top 5 Best Face Washes for Men​



Our Rating

Perhaps the real definition of the best face wash for men is a cleanser that is suitable for all types of skin – oily, dry, sensitive, and normal.

We carefully chose the Daily Power Scrub Facial Cleanser as one of the best face washes for men because it’s one of the few cleansers that is suitable for all skin types.

It contains natural plant extracts like aloe vera, willow bark, and burdock root that soothe the skin while giving it a deep cleanse.

Soft beads are also present in this cleanser which makes it efficient for a subtle exfoliation after a long day.

Aloe vera has been lauded for its beneficial effects on the hair and skin since the Egyptian times.

It is a good moisturizer, it treats sunburn, it treats acne, and most importantly, it nourishes the skin, thus making it a primary ingredient of cleansers for dry and sensitive skin.

On the other hand, willow bark extract contains salicylic acid which is used to treat acne.

Also, the burdock root ingredient of this cleanser has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that remedy eczema and psoriasis.

Furthermore, burdock root helps aloe vera in hydrating the skin. It’s also an effective cure for dry skin.

We have been using this cream for a long time, and we're happy with it. We had a couple of breakouts before using this cleanser, but now, our face is all cleared up!

Another excellent ingredient of this cleanser is vitamin C, which help effectively lighten dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

What We Like

  • check
    Helps clear away blackheads and acne if used consistently
  • check
    Deeply hydrating

What We Don't Like

  • Has a strong scent
  • May sting the eyes



Our Rating

Designed for men, the energizing Neutrogena Invigorating Face Wash is a foaming gel cleanser that forms a cooling lather that cleanses and refreshes without over-drying the skin.

Among its ingredients are glycerin and other synthetic ingredients targeted to clean the pores thoroughly and improve the skin’s overall look.

Since it has synthetic chemicals, it may not be suitable for you if you have sensitive skin.

Glycerin works as a humectant, or moisture attractant. Aside from drawing moisture into the skin, glycerine also rejuvenates cells and treats oily skin.

We tried this cleanser and found that it blends well with the skin and gives an instant refreshing feeling. The cooling lather feels like menthol, and it stays on for a few minutes even after rinsing, which makes this product remarkable.

What We Like

  • check
  • check
    Feels cool to the skin
  • check
    May reduce acne

What We Don't Like

  • May not work for you if you have sensitive skin
  • May cause a tingling sensation



Our Rating

For skin-conscious men who only want the best for their skin, the 100% natural and organic Amara facial cleanser might be the best option.

This face wash is loaded with 5% vitamin C, aloe, rosehip oil, and tea tree oil.

Perhaps you’re already familiar how beneficial vitamin C and aloe are for brightening and hydrating the skin. If you haven’t heard of the incredible effects of rose hip oil, let us enlighten you.

Rosehip oil comes from rose seeds and contains a ton of essential fatty acids and vitamins such as vitamin E, vitamin C and B-carotene, a form of vitamin A.

Rosehip oil guards the skin against aging signs by penetrating deep into the surface to supply nourishing antioxidants and much-needed vitamins to the skin.

These substances, in turn, stimulate collagen production, increase moisture levels, and improve skin tone and pigmentation. In fact, those are just a few benefits because the list goes on and on.

On the other hand, tea tree oil is popular as an acne home remedy. It has the same acne-clearing intensity as benzoyl peroxide, a chemical acne eraser.

The simple reason why we’re in love with this cleanser, setting its benefits aside, is that it feels very soft to the skin after washing.

It delivers creamy softness minus the oil, and that’s what sets this wonderful face wash apart from the rest.

What We Like

  • check
    Mild and hydrating
  • check
    May work as a makeup remover (for men who wear makeup)

What We Don't Like

  • Doesn’t lather much
  • Poor packaging (the pump dispenses too much of the product)



Our Rating

Nivea Men’s Face Wash also comes in the form of a gel wash. It gives off a menthol feeling when in contact with the skin and it’s also quite easy to rinse off – one wash would swipe all the gel off completely.

Formulated with conditioning agents provitamin B5 and vitamin E, this gel wash cleans deep while retaining the skin’s moisture.

We absolutely love this cleanser because it doesn’t make the skin feel tight after washing, unlike most acne-specific cleansers.

Similar to glycerin, provitamin B5 works as a humectant, or moisture magnet. It stabilizes the skin barrier, decreasing the amount of water lost through the skin.

Furthermore, provitamin B5 heals and protects the skin against free radicals.

It’s a common remedy for itchiness and skin redness. It also alleviates skin problems such as acne, rash, and sunburn.

As if provitamin B5 wasn't enough to protect the skin, Nivea added vitamin E to further boost the resiliency of the skin barrier against external stressors.

Vitamin E protects the cell membranes, enzymes, and DNA from free radical damage caused by UV exposure and chemical pollutants.

Simply put, vitamin E shields the skin from the harmful effects of the environment. It also possesses age-defying and whitening properties.

Just recently, scientists discovered that vitamin E slows down melanin production – that substance that causes pigmentation.

This cleanser is one of our favorites because we found out that it reduces the overproduction of oil.

We’ve tried this for a couple of days, and we’re amazed that our skin didn’t get oily even after five hours outside.

What We Like

  • check
    Feels refreshing
  • check
    Makes the skin feel smooth and fresh

What We Don't Like

  • Doesn’t lather much
  • Strong scent



Our Rating

Coconut-based cleansers are ideal for oily and sensitive skins. Coconut oil is a powerful moisturizer, thus it’s widely used in soaps, creams, and lotions for its effectiveness.

Extreme hydration is what you’ll get from the Brickell Men’s Face Wash. It’s a natural coconut-based cleanser infused with aloe vera and geranium.

The combination of coconut oil and aloe vera gives an abundant supply of moisture and antioxidants to the skin, fighting away premature skin aging.

On the other hand, geranium is an effective antiseptic that removes facial impurities.

Did you know that geranium oil traces its roots back to early Egyptian civilization?

Geranium has been used in aromatherapy due to its incredible benefits – it reduces inflammation, treats acne, and balances the hormones.

Geranium, along with aloe vera and coconut oil creates a robust cleanser formula for sensitive and oily skins.

We’re glad that this face wash doesn’t emit a strong scent upon application. It has a mild minty smell, and it leaves the skin oil-free and refreshed.

What We Like

  • check
  • check
    Brightens the complexion

What We Don't Like

  • May cause a tingling sensation

The Bottom Line

We picked the Rugged and Dapper Daily Power Scrub Facial Cleanser for Men as the best face wash for men.​

It clearly imparts the most benefits to the skin – suitable for all skin types, oil-free, all-natural, may treat common skin problems, and it also works as a mild exfoliator.

Powered by salicylic acid, aloe vera, and burdock root, this cleanser does the job of breaking down oil and grime without being too harsh on skin.

Salicylic acid and willow bark reduces acne and kills bacteria, whereas burdock root treats inflammation and dry, flaky skin.

Aloe vera, on the other hand, provides extreme hydration to restore the skin’s vigor and suppleness.

After a long and stressful day, it’d be great to have a quick wash to feel refreshed again.​

The Best Face Wash For Men

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