The Best Hair and Make-up Tips for a Date

People generally tend to get carried away when getting ready for a date. 

In the middle of all the anticipation, excitement and butterflies is an eagerness to create an excellent first impression.

What is forgotten is that he has asked you out because he “likes” you and not to evaluate your dress sense and make-up skills.

All that you have to do is to look and be just the way you are. It is important that you feel great.

Do not do anything that will radically and dramatically change the person “you” just before a date.

However, there is a flip side to it. A date is a date, and you will naturally want to add a touch of glamour to the looks.

Here are a few tips for the perfect build-up to a date.  

1. Do not have a dramatic change of hair 

He likes you the way you are. Having a haircut or changing the colour of your hair just before a date is not advisable.

If you have a hairdresser that you can trust, have a lovely wash and blow-dry the hair.

A few Velcro rollers will get the hair in shape. 

2. Avoid a facial

Just like your hair, do not over-do your face too.

A facial just before your date might lead to uncontrollable breakouts over which you will have no control. 

If you have to have the smooth, glossy look, have a facial a few days before.

3. Don't forget to moisturize

After your bath or shower, use plenty of body oil or moisturiser, to ensure that your body is fully moisturised.

Dab liberal doses on your feet, elbows and décolletage.

4. Be the real you

Make sure that the hairstyle and makeup that you wear matches your real personality.

If your makeup does not remotely resemble what you usually prefer, you will be sending a wrong and false impression to him. You will inevitably feel uncomfortable and will not be able to relax. 

While you will naturally want to add a few extras to enhance yourself, do not go for a completely opposite look to what you usually wear.

Be your normal self and leave all the drama behind. 

5. Apply a foundation

Your makeup starts with the foundation which prepares the canvas for the perfect look.

Use an oil-free primer if your skin is prone to shine. A good lip balm is essential.

After application, rub a cotton bud over the lips to massage the balm in for long-term effect.

But do not go heavy on the foundation as a fresh, natural skin is always a winner.

Use a good blusher as it is perfect for any skin tone and instantly brightens the complexion.

Do not overdo lip gloss. A light sheen looks sexier than thick ones. T

here is one standard rule for makeup – the best is one that you will forget as soon as it is on, allowing you to relax and enjoy yourself. 

6. Dress for the occasion

Once your makeup is in place, you have to decide what to wear. Visit the online store of for a range of options in tops and blouses, dresses and jackets.

Elegant flounce trim sleeveless pencils dress in burgundy is a classic piece.

You can also choose a printed halter neck cold shoulder frill midi dress for an informal affair.

Jackets, especially the leather ones do not show the “teenager” look but are ideal for a more formal date.

7. What's next?

One final word of advice will be in order. Always touch up makeup discreetly and keep it confined to the “girl’s room”.

Applying lipstick or gloss or powdering your nose in front of your date destroys the illusion of being “natural”. It might seem a little “high-maintenance”. 

This thought might be a bit old-fashioned, but some traditions linger on forever.

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