10 Reasons Cutting Alcohol Makes You More Attractive

Many people use alcohol as a crutch to get them through situations. Whether it's a party or a personal tragedy, alcohol is commonly used as a coping mechanism.

However, we tend to be our best and most beautiful selves without alcohol in the way. So consider how much more attractive you can be without a drink. 

1. You'll Smell Better 

One of the most noxious aspects of consuming alcohol is undoubtedly the odor associated with it. It's hard to be attractive when your face smells like a brewery. 

Even just one beer can leave traces of a smell behind, and if you've been binge drinking, the smell can seemingly permeate through the sweat on your skin. 

The only way to dissolve the plume of alcohol from your body is to not drink it, and those in close proximity will be thankful for the lack of an assault on their nose.

2. You'll Sound Better 

We've all been in the presence of someone who's slurring their words. Depending on your tolerance, your speech can be altered with as little as one beer. 

You may not be aware that your voice and manner of speaking have changed, but it's certainly apparent to anyone you're talking to, and it's hardly attractive. 

By quitting alcohol, you can be in complete control of your voice. You won't only sound better, you'll be more likely to filter what you say so that nothing offensive leaks out.

Communication is so important in how we are perceived, and when you quit drinking you'll always sound better.

3. You Won't Get Drunk 

While some people can practice moderation and reign in the effects of alcohol, for others, intoxication is inevitable.

Being drunk is by far one of the most unattractive states of being a human can be. There's nothing sexy about slurring one's words and swaying around on unsteady legs.

If you happen to be a loud or belligerent drunk, the ugly factor intensifies. You don't want to be the person that is screaming obscenities or trying to fight every creature you see.

It's much better for your well being and sense of attractiveness to avoid being drunk, and the only way to do that for sure is to avoid drinking.

4. You'll Be More Fit 

Everyone's heard of the infamous beer gut, and it's true that gorging on alcohol can lead to unwanted weight gain.

People tend to forget that alcoholic beverages are full of calories, which certainly add up after successive drinks.

By eliminating alcohol, you'll be saving your body from empty calories and the metabolic strain they put on your liver.

It's easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you don't drink, and this commitment will translate to a brighter, more fit appearance.

5. Better Friends 

We're ultimately only as beautiful as the company we keep, and if a large percentage of your friend group consists of drinking buddies, it may be time to consider your priorities.

Drinking friends may seem fun and entertaining for the short term, but such shallow connections don't beat the intimacy and lifelong bond of true friendship.

Having a few drinking friends is fine, but it can be an issue if the only reason you hang out is to drink.

You'll appear much more attractive and presentable if you broaden your horizons and foster relationships that have nothing to do with alcohol. 

6. Less Disheveled 

People who drink a lot tend to look more unkempt than their sober counterparts.

While you may not have crossed the line to becoming a homeless alcoholic in tattered, dingy clothing, you still may be less inclined to dress and groom yourself nicely if you drink.

By giving up booze, you'll not only have the wherewithal to look more dashing, you'll also have more money in your pocket to spend on clothing and hygiene products.

You also won't have to worry about spilling beer on yourself or getting drunk and puking because you'll be sober, and being vomit-free is certainly more attractive.

7. Healthier Skin 

Alcoholic drinks consist mainly of water, but the effects of drinking them can actually be dehydrating over time.

It's much healthier and more refreshing to drink water when you're parched than to reach for a glass of liquor. Increasing your water intake will make your skin more clear, elastic and supple.

It will also make for a more attractive form overall as you'll be actively flushing toxins from your body. So drinking less beer and more water will only do you good. 

8. Better Posture 

If you've ever been around a drunk person, you've likely noticed their terrible posture.

Standing stooped over with one's shoulders hunched while nursing a glass of wine isn't the most attractive feature in the world. 

When we drink, our inhibitions begin to fade, but we also subdue our bearing on how we're presenting ourselves.

Posture can be a very important aspect of our appearance when it comes to first impressions. You want to stand strong, confident and elegant, not slouched and sloshed. 

9. More Interesting 

A lot of people rely on alcohol to be the life of the party. Social anxiety and shyness may prohibit you from being a social butterfly without the aid of a drink, but when you are dependent on booze to show personality, you may be losing the allure of the real you. 

Without alcohol, you'll have to rely on your sober persona, which can make you appear more interesting and approachable than the rest of the drinking crowd.

You may find that you stand out and people are drawn to your natural charm rather than the drink in your hand.

10. More Trustworthy 

If you're accustomed to trying to pick up dates while drinking, you may have better luck when you're sober.

People respond better to sobriety because it feels more honest and trustworthy. You're more likely to respect boundaries when you don't drink and people are aware of this.

Your potential mate could be just around the corner and you could miss them because booze is in the way.

Let the real you bloom forth and forget the alcohol. Everyone is more attractive without alcohol contaminating their beauty.

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