Top 3 Beauty Time Saving Tricks

Running late to your job for the second time this week can't be fun, right?

Women spend too much time in the morning when getting ready, and sometimes, it can be mission impossible to get ready in less than 20 minutes, but often this is the most that we can input.

However, with the right set of products, some innovative tips & tricks, as well as practice, you will get your much-needed beauty sleep, you will enjoy your coffee, and you will definitely look your best once you arrive at your destination!

Say bye to unneeded apologies to your boss and to your teachers, since you will be the first one in line! How? The following text will let you know.

Top 3 Beauty Tricks To Follow Along In The Morning

1. Blush + Lipstick

Finding the right shade of lipstick and blush early in the morning can be tough.

Women often turn to nude colored lipsticks because they like to play it safe and neutral.

Blush-wise, most of us just apply blush onto the cheeks without really thinking whether these two will look good when combined together.

This is why you should reach for creamy lip + blush sticks. These are a great idea because they can be used on both lips and your cheeks.

They are often inexpensive, yet great at providing two different finishes.

Also, the best part is that you will have the same toned blush and lippie without a whole lot of struggle.

Apply the product with your fingers and blend it in by making tapping and not rubbing motions.

You can carry around your lip and cheek product and reach for it throughout the day to freshen up your makeup. This is such a simple and little tool, yet it can achieve so much.

2. Lash Extensions

Natural lash extensions are not a one-time thing, but they are a long lasting solution which will come in handy for your rushed mornings.

These will help every woman speed up her makeup application due to several reasons:

a. Practicality

You will wake up every morning and you will look 'put together'.

You will be able to grab at least 15-20 more minutes of sleep since you won't have to curl your lashes, or even apply any mascara on top.

b. No Reason For Eyeliner

Once done the right way, lash extensions will look voluminous on their own. This volume can give out an illusion of a thicker and fuller lash line.

Thanks to this you won't need any additional eyeliners, shadows, or any heavy black eye makeup.

c. Several Kinds

For those women who are indecisive, know that you can choose your own volume, length and lash type.

This means that you can have a subtle lash or even extreme Russian volume eyelash extensions.

Also, you will choose the lash count, material (synthetic, or mink), and you will have to redo them every 2-3 weeks in order to maintain the outcome. 

3. Shimmers and Shadows

Lastly, you will be able to get the most out of your shadow palette, and you will enjoy its dual purpose.

If you have a shadow palette which contains 3-4 brown shades, as well as a few shimmers, you will be able to achieve so much with these on your eyelids, and your cheekbones.

For instance, you can take the shimmery champagne shadow and apply it around your inner corner, below your brow bone, and definitely onto your cheeks.

You can do all of these steps with one brush, or even with your fingers if you are really rushing.

When it comes to these darker shadows, you can use them on your crease, to fill in your eyebrows, and definitely as a smooth and visible contour.

These brown and neutral shadows will create depth, will give you a defined and sculpted look, and will stay on for hours to come.

Tip: You can spray your face with a bit of a setting spray before heading out the door. 

A setting spray will improve the longevity of your makeup, will keep your skin hydrated, and will provide moisture.

Also, you can carry this bottle with you and reach for it at any given point during the day. It won't move your makeup, but will give you a bit of that glow. 

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