Top 5 Reasons Why Women Remove Their Breast Implants

by Dr Pankaj Tiwari

First of all, what are implants? Breast implants are prostheses that change the contour, shape, and size of the breasts.

There are three types of implants we should know about, and these are saline, silicone, and gummy bear breast implants. 

The implants could be placed by doing either breast augmentation that changes the size of the chest, or breast reconstruction after a mastectomy and other damages.

These implants are also used in revision surgeries to correct and improve the previous result of an operation.  

A lot of women are given a better chance of living because of the continuing progress in the field of breast augmentations and breast reconstructions.

But, why do other women ask their surgeon to remove these implants?

5 Reasons Why Women Get Their Implants Removed

It is often said that women in their twenties want to look attractive, but women in their forties want to be practical and look natural.

Women who seek to remove their implants can opt for Explant surgery.

This procedure is for women who are either trying to change their lifestyles or wish to remove their implants due to a number of health-related reasons. 

1. Discomfort

Some women seem naturally conscious about the shape of their breasts in the years following surgery.

In some instances, women will choose implants that may be too heavy for their own bodies, and because of this, they may experience regular pain and discomfort. 

Other symptoms may include thick scarring that is also noticeable and doesn’t fade, rotation of the implant in the breast, and hardening of the breast tissue due to the shrinking scar tissue around it.

2. Capsular Contractures

Capsular contracture is a breast augmentation complication that develops when the inner scar tissue forms a tight or compressing capsule around a breast implant, constricting it until it becomes misshapen and hard.

Early symptoms include:

  • Increased firmness of the breast
  • An implant that looks distorted or “ball-like”
  • Breast implants that look smaller or does not move around
  • A feeling of tightness around the breast

In addition, the chest may feel painful and stiff, and the capsule will affect the appearance of the breast as a result.

3. Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Breast cancer is the most common case among women. Early-stage breast cancer in breast implants represents a challenging situation.

It starts with a lump, the thickening of the breast and changes in the skin or the nipple.

Keeping implants while going through breast cancer can be painful. The radiation treatment might change the shape of the implants and cause infection. 

Instead of getting better, the implants might make the condition much worse. 

4. Calcium Deposits in the Breasts

These deposits can form in the scar tissue surrounding the implant and cause pain and firmness. ​

Though often being mistaken for cancer, these calcifications are small, which makes it hard to find while examining the breast unless through a mammogram.

Taking out the breast implants will not only remove the pain and discomfort, but it will also remove the calcium deposits as well. 

5. Breast Implant-Associated – Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma

BIA - ALCL can develop after having breast implants. It can occur on the other parts of the body including the skin and lymph nodes.

The most common symptoms are swelling of the breasts and lumps on the chest or armpits.

These symptoms develop between 3 to 14 years after the breast implants insertion.

However, this is not considered breast cancer even if the BIA – ALCL is found in the breasts of individuals with breast implants.

We could have the lymphoma removed by having an explant surgery. It is worth noting that ALCL is extremely uncommon and seldom found in women.

Implants Will Not Last for a Lifetime

Explant surgery can allow women to restore their bodies to its original shape and contour.

Some women may even decide to undergo the procedure in order to restore movement and improve athletic performance.

So aside from discomfort, there are a number of reasons why many women will consult with a plastic surgeon. 

Keep in mind that breast implants are not devices that will last for a lifetime.

If women keep their implants for an extended period, it is more likely for complications to occur which may result in the removal of implants. 

Any woman interested in undergoing this surgical procedure must schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

With their years of experience, plastic surgeons are able to provide women with expert guidance in order to give them results that are safe and satisfying. 

About Dr. Pankaj Tiwari

Dr. Pankaj Tiwari is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon serving at Midwest Breast & Aesthetic. Dr. Tiwari specializes on breast reconstruction and the treatment of lymphedema.

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