Why Was Solitaire Actually Created?

There’s no doubt that Solitaire is one of the oldest games in the world that remain popular. Anyone who says that never played Solitaire online can definitely be considered a minority. Even though this is a basic Windows game, it caused many sleepless nights and hours spent by millions of people. When you play Solitaire for the first time, you enter a labyrinth from which it is difficult to escape. With each game, you will want to beat your previous best and will spend another hour until you reach the goal. But what was the real purpose that stood behind the Solitaire creation?

Why Did Microsoft Added Solitaire to Windows?

Classic Solitaire is undoubtedly a funny game. Players enjoy it and are still captivated by its puzzles and the opportunities to create various strategies. It’s interesting to know that its initial name was Patience. Given the challenges that it makes the players go through, there is a no better option to choose.

The computerized version of Patience appeared in the 90s and it was created by an intern. He used it as a demonstration during his internship, showing that Solitaire card games could be turned into a specific tool with a clear mission. The purpose was to show computer users how to operate mouse performing drag-and-drop moves without effort.

The greatest thing about such an approach is that people didn’t even realize that they are improving this skill. They just had fun playing and at the same time, they started managing the mouse with more easiness and efficiency so that they can finish the game faster.

The Most Significant Variation of Solitaire for IT World

Today, there are so many variants of free Solitaire-Masters.net . They vary in terms of the tableau’s form, the number of the decks used, the rules of picking the cards, and more. But since we are talking about computerized versions, let’s pay attention to FreeCell.

Speaking of it as a digital game, it is more advanced than ordinary Patience and appeared together with Windows 3.1. The reason for this was also practical: the IT giant decided to bundle the game with the Win32s package to check whether 32-bit apps can run on Windows 3.1. that was 16-bit. FreeCell had the ability to define the result without any doubts: considering that FreeCell worked perfectly fine on Windows 3.1, it means that the 32-bit thunking layer was properly installed. Therefore, even though it was considered to be just a bonus for users, it was actually a method utilized by Microsoft to test some of its software systems.


Solitaire is most probably one of the games that will never vanish. It became a legacy that players transmitted from one generation to another. Even though it is still seen as a fun and relaxing way to spend time, it actually helps people develop certain skills. And while previously the most needed one was achieving easiness in using a computer mouse, today Solitaire improves logical, analytical, and strategy abilities and teaches players to be patient to win.

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