13 Nonsurgical Treatments for Under-Eye Bags That Really Work

If you have unattractive bags underneath your eyes, then the good news is that you don’t need to undergo a surgical procedure that requires incisions.

There are several nonsurgical techniques along with simple home remedies that will reduce the appearance of your tired and hollow-looking eyes. 

1. Specialized Creams 

While at a local drugstore, look for specialized serums and creams that are formulated for using near the eyes.

When you apply these soothing products, make sure to use gentle motions to avoid damaging the area underneath the eye. 

The application of emollients can help to heal the thin and delicate tissue around and underneath your eyes. 

It can take several weeks to notice the changes from moisturizing the skin below your eyes. 

2. Injectable Fillers 

Visit a plastic surgeon to learn if you are a candidate for injectable fillers. There is a wide range of formulations made specifically for different issues and areas under the eyes.

Fillers are injected with thin needles, and the results can last for several months to a year. 

3. Collagen Pads

You can also find stick-on collagen pads at online drugstores, and you are supposed to place these items underneath your eyes in the evening to wear while you are sleeping.

Collagen is a natural substance that is already in your skin, but the amount of this substance declines as you age. 

4. Cold Treatment

By using a cold item such as gel eye masks or cucumber slices, you can reduce the size of the bags underneath your eyes.

This is the perfect treatment when you only have bags underneath your eyes occasionally.

If you didn't sleep well or you have a sinus infection, then using cold treatment for baggy skin below the eyes is fantastic. 

5. Better Nutrition

When you are consuming a poor diet, your body may react in strange ways, including developing bags beneath the eyes.

The foods that contain vitamin K and iron are an excellent choice because if you lack these nutrients, then you have poor blood circulation.

Begin to eat more dark leafy green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli and Brussels sprouts. 

6. Tea Bags

The tannin in tea helps to eliminate the dark circles and bags underneath your eyes. Use a cold tea bag to refresh your eyes in the evening. Place a towel on your bed's pillow to avoid any stains from the tea. 

Recline on your bed so that you can place a cold tea bag on each closed eye for 15 to 20 minutes. 

7. Allergy Medications

You might have bags underneath your eyes because you have terrible allergies to pollen or dust.

By taking a store-bought or prescription allergy medication or antihistamine, you can reduce the swelling in the tissues underneath your eyes. 

8. Microneedling Procedures 

A plastic surgeon or dermatologist can perform a delicate microneedling procedure underneath your eyes.

This procedure requires numerous small needles that the dermatologist or surgeon will insert into the skin underneath your eyes to rejuvenate the damaged tissue that is baggy and dark. 

9. Avoid Salt

If you are consuming massive amounts of sodium from eating potato chips, pretzels or other junk foods, then your body will retain fluids.

Water retention can lead to ugly bags below the eyes, but if you stop eating salty food, then your water retention will go away, helping you to look better. 

10. Hormone Treatments

When your hormones are fluctuating due to menopause or childbirth, you can visit a physician to learn more about hormone treatment.

A physician can perform blood tests to determine what types of hormones are required to bring your body back into balance, and within a few weeks, your eye bags will decrease in size. 

11. Remain Hydrated

If you aren't drinking enough water, then you can become dehydrated, leading to bags below your eyes.

You should drink a lot of water each day to remain hydrated, and experts recommend avoiding caffeinated beverages and alcohol to help you remain hydrated.

12. Chemical Peels 

You can have a chemical peel to reduce your puffy eye bags. This type of procedure is noninvasive and requires only a few hours to complete.

A physician will protect your eyes while applying the chemicals that will harden on the skin.

After the hard face mask is removed, you will have smoother and more youthful skin around and below your eyes. 

13. Additional Sleep

If you aren't getting enough sleep, then you can develop unattractive bags below your eyes.

Make sure to get seven to nine hours of sleep each night to avoid having ugly dark circles and bags underneath your eyes.