Tips For Managing Childcare After Breast Augmentation

There are so many decisions moms have to make, but the decision to do something that solely benefits her is not an easy one. You have decided you want to have a breast augmentation. Your first thought is likely "But, what about the kids?" This is a legitimate concern, but it's not a reason to change your mind on giving yourself the gift you desire to receive.

The procedures that are desired by moms the most are breast augmentation, liposuction, and/or a tummy tuck. The problem for mom is that all of these procedures require limits on what she can do physically in the first few weeks after the surgery is done. This doesn't mean that you have to wait until your children are grown and on their way to having families of their own before you live out your dream of a new look. There are ways you can plan the entire process out so that your recovery can be a breeze for you and your kids will not feel as though anything is "off" in the home.

24-hour Care For a Week

One of the first arrangements that need to be made is for round-the-clock care for the first week. In the first few days, there won't be much you can do at all. This is universal with any type of cosmetic surgery, but it's longer if you get a tummy tuck. You need to find someone you trust your care to who you know will eliminate as much stress as they possibly can for you. You are helping yourself eliminate stress during your recovery by making sure you have your post-op recovery pre-planned.

For the first two days, the person taking care of you should not be the person taking care of the children. Don't procrastinate on choosing these two people and making the arrangements. You may choose to have three people there for you. One that is with you during the surgery until they drive you home, someone at the house for your constant care, and the third helper to care for the children.

Getting Out of Bed

Within a few days of the surgery, you should feel well enough to get out of bed. If you feel like it, you can go out and run some errands. It's common to get tired easily initially. Let a friend or family member transport your kids back and forth to school and extracurricular activities during the first week following a breast augmentation. If you are getting a tummy tuck as well you will need a helper for up to three weeks. Getting adequate rest is very crucial to the healing process and eliminating the stress of wearing the chauffeur hat that moms often wear will help massively.

Grandparents Love to be Needed

This will be an incredible opportunity for your Mom or Dad, or the in-laws to come for an extended visit. Grandparents love nothing more than to be needed, especially when it comes to their grandbabies. Your children will eat up all the love and spoiling and Grandma and/or Grandpa will be in all the glory. It's a good situation for everyone!

The Top Question for Moms

The top question asked by mothers is how soon will they be able to pick up and hold their kids after their surgery? You shouldn't get back to mom duties before a week has passed. By two weeks post-op, you can definitely do things like cooking, etc. The exception to the mom's duties? Lifting. Even though it's hard not to lift your baby/toddler up, you have to do what's best for your recovery. If you lift over twenty pounds, you are risking stress to your incisions and you could even cause the scarring to stretch. There are still creative ways to bond with your babies during your recovery. You can have your caregiver sit your little one on your lap or next to you in bed, or they can climb up on the sofa and you can watch a favorite movie together or read a book. When you're not feeling groggy anymore a great idea for bonding is to have breakfast in your bed with your little ones, or maybe a "picnic" at lunchtime.

Once your doctor has let you know it's okay to start lifting again, be sure you lift the right way. Get into a squatting position and hold your little person close to your chest. Lift using the muscles in your legs rather than bearing the weight on your back, belly, or chest. You'll get a bonus workout on the glutes lifting this way as well. Most of the time a patient gets the okay to lift their children again within three or four weeks after a breast augmentation. If you get a tummy tuck as well it will be a five or six-week wait before you can pick your little love up.

When SuperMom Returns

Jason I. Altman, expert breast surgeon of Miami writes that it's very important that your blood pressure stays at a normal level while your incisions continue to heal. Getting started with some lightweight activity is great when you start to feel like you can do it but don't engage in a rousing game of hide-n-go seek four days post-op. You have to wait at least two weeks and it could be six weeks before you can be in full-blown Super Mom mode. You can take your new body for a walk along the ocean shore, but don't plan on taking a dip in any bodies of water (including pools) for up to two months. If you resist the urge to dive in, you'll be doing your part in keeping your incision safe from infectious bacteria that could be lurking.

Enjoy your new look and be sure you engage in some smart pre-planning way before your surgery date comes!


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