The Night Skin Care Routine You Should Never Skip

All of us have heard about how sleep is crucial for the overall functioning of the body. An 8-hour sleep is what you need to keep the body healthy and fit. The same 8-hour sleep formula has amazing effects on the skin, as well. 

But, do you know your skin works hard to repair itself while you sleep? Therefore, it is recommended to keep your skin in its best condition with a good night care routine before you hit the bed. But how? 

Well, you might know that going to bed without washing your face is bad for the skin. But, what else should you follow after that? Should you apply a face pack or scrub? Can you some extra lotion on your skin? 

Don’t worry! We are going to throw some light on what makes a good night skincare routine. Whether you are in your 20’s, 30’s, or 40’s, anyone can follow this routine. Let’s get started!

Start With Cleansing

First things, first! Cleanse your face using a good-quality cleanser (made for your particular skin type) before going to sleep. If you wear makeup, use makeup wipes too. It helps remove oil, dirt, pollutants, makeup, or other environmental elements your skin might have been exposed to.

If you don’t do so, it may cause a host of skin problems, such as clogged pores, premature aging, acne breakouts, change in skin texture, etc. Whether you have oily, dry, sensitive, or normal skin, cleansing is the first step of the night skincare routine. 

Tone Your Skin Or Not?

How crucial is a toner for your skin? Well, it depends upon individual skin type. If you don’t have any skin concerns, probably you can skin it. But, what about others?

Most people think that the sole purpose of a toner is to address oily or acne-prone skin. However, toners also help remove dead skin cells or anything that cleanser missed. Moreover, it balances the pH and brings the skin back to normal.

So, adding a toner to your night skincare routine can help you get those skin results you have been dreaming of!

Don’t Miss Your Eye Cream

The eye area is the most fragile and delicate skin area on your face. It is one of the first spots where aging signs appear. So, it is essential to provide this area with some extra care to reduce the signs of aging. 

Remember, unlike your body’s skin, the eye cream isn’t made of rough and tough stuff. Think of this area as you would a baby. Use your ring finger so that you apply the least amount of pressure on this delicate area.

Use Skin Repair Agents

Depending upon your skin type, it starts aging between 20’s and mid 30’s. Therefore, it is a myth that one should start using skin repair creams late. But, it is better to add them to your skincare routine earlier.

Besides, you can include anti-aging products to your makeup routine. For example, you can replace your regular face powder with pearl beauty tonic powder

Don’t Forget To Use Moisturizer

Whether you have a skin concern or not, don’t forget to use a moisturizer. An overnight moisturizer keeps the lipid barrier in an adequate form. It also assists in the skin’s recovery and restorative process. 

By skipping the moisturizer, you only increase your chances of moisture loss, which isn’t good for the skin. Along with night cream, you can opt for hydration boosting skin care products. 

To Sum Up

If you want to lessen the chances of premature aging, the night time skincare routine is a must. Furthermore, if you have a skincare routine, a nightly skincare routine is even more important. The tips mentioned above can help you achieve your skincare goals!

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