Supplementing with Beauty Collagen

Collagen is possibly the most prevalent protein in the human body and constitutes a big part in our connective tissues that makes up numerous body parts, including the skin, muscles as well as the tendons and ligaments, thus providing the skin with its structure and your bones with its strength. It is safe to say that as we grow older, supplementing it, is a good idea, and luckily it comes in many forms, as we shall discuss below. 

As we get older, we tend to lose this elasticity in our skin throughout our body and need to complement it using various products in the form of capsules, tablets, drinks or face creams to name a few. The most abundant form that has become extremely trendy and popular in the last decade is the Collagen capsules, that are quick and hassle-free to use by popping a few in your mouth before or after a meal, and you are done. Also, because many brand's capsules are hydrolyzed i.e. broken down, it makes it easier for you to absorb it into your system. This would be our first option.

As a second solution, and if you have time for it, there is also the option of eating foods that are rich in Collagen, for instance, bone broth made from chicken, fish or beef and pork skin. The recommendation here would be to either buy Organic from the store or make your own at home. Recipes like this one can be found online

The third option is to take a supplement in powder form. These can be found in most health food store shelves and is a quick on-the-go beverage that you can make by dissolving it in either your smoothie or milkshake and if that’s not to your liking then adding it to your lunchtime routine in your soup or juice, can be just as beneficial.

How Does Supplementing Help?

If you are already eating a healthy diet, you may not need any additional additive, but there is never any harm in taking some extra just to be sure. Before you choose which one to go for, or which one will be more effective for you. We have compiled this article to include some advantages that you will derive from including this one important ingredient to your everyday lives. 

Here are some good options for beauty collagen that you can find on the market. So, when choosing the one to buy, look for two things; Non-GMO and Organic. The best recommendation we can give you is to look for products that are FDA Approved. Due to its high demand, there are a whole variety of products to choose from some with additional vitamins or minerals in them and some with Green Tea or plant derivatives in it. Whatever you choose, make sure you read the ingredients list and understand it, and if you don’t, do some personal research online. After all, you will be ingesting those capsules. 

Let’s jump onto those research-based benefits: 

Collagen Capsules

1. Improve the overall health of your skin

We all know that the skin is the largest organ in our bodies. Thus, it is important to look after it due to the constant exposures it goes through from environmental pollutants to chemicals and over-exposure of UV Rays that cause both visible and invisible photo-damage. 

Taking any kind of natural or organic oral supplements that contain this ingredient, may help slow the ageing process of your skin because it is distributed to the tissues through blood circulation. People have found it to be an anti-ageing component and studies have shown that taking it with calcium can lead to fewer wrinkles, more hydration and taught skin after a few weeks of use in women. However, stronger evidence is needed from studies examining the effects of it on its own.

The bonus here is it has also been tested to see results in hair growth and strength and length in nails and preventing overall brittleness. 

2. Relief of Joint Pain

The rubber-like tissue that protects your joints is called Cartilage. As we age, the other thing we risk of getting is degenerative joint disorders such as arthritis, which is a common condition where your joints tend to swell up and pain. Studies have been done to test this substance on people who suffer from arthritis and results have shown that when taking collagen supplements, these ailments are reduced and the substance synthesis in the body, causing pain-relieving effects. You can read about this 24- week study on the online source here.

Muscle Mass Increase

3. Muscle Mass Increase 

For athletes, this is one of the best additions to their daily routines, mainly because it boosts one’s muscle mass and studies have been done on this too. Turns out, because up to 10% of our muscle is composed of this principle element, keeping stable levels aids in improving the functionality of, and giving your muscles strength.

Sarcopenia is the name given to a condition where people lose their muscle mass as they age, and this is treated by preventing this loss in the body by adding the supplement to it, which in turn helps reverse the symptoms. The study that was done on this involved taking only 15 grams of this substance over 12 weeks, and the results were conclusive – more strength and muscle mass in the men who took it, compared to the ones that took a placebo. 

The bonus here is that it can also prevent bone loss because as already mentioned above, our bones are made of collagen. By taking this regularly athletes can avoid injuries such as bone fractures due to low bone density.

Improving Your Hearts Health

4. Improving Your Hearts Health

Some research done on the effects of collagen on the heart has seen some positive outcomes, although not entirely conclusive yet. It has shown that it may improve heart health and reduce and heart conditions such as strokes or heart attacks in adults. 

Because as the collagen starts to deplete in your body, so do your arteries, which become fragile and weak, leading to narrowing of the arteries and eventually causing issues with it. 

The element was also seen to increase good cholesterol also known as HDL, by up to 6%.  

The studies don’t stop here, there is on-going research being done to see how it can benefit aspects related to brain health, weight loss and gut health as well. Sounds promising!

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