Secrets to Applying Makeup like a Pro

Makeup is an art and expression form. When correctly done, it has the power to uplift your mood and change the way everyone looks at you.

With the right technique, and a great kit as reviewed here; you can achieve Hollywood glam at a fraction of the cost. 

While everyone has unique facial features, style preferences, and lifestyles, these steps can make a massive difference in nailing the perfect look. The secret to flawless makeup application lies in the preparation, application stage sequencing, and finally, the magical final touch.

1. Moisturize First

Before you can even think of applying your makeup, it is crucial to prepare your skin by moisturizing. Learning how to apply moisturizer correctly is just as important as the type of moisturizer you choose.

A great tip is to use small amounts, and gently working it with your fingers first around your forehead, on to your nose and then your cheeks.

Ensure that you get the moisturizer evenly spread across your skin to avoid clogging your pores. Once you’ve applied enough moisturizer, give it a few minutes to dry before moving onto the next step.

Whether you opt for face mists, serums, lotions, creams, or oils, the quality of moisturizer is critical. 

2. Foundation and Primer

After properly moisturizing, it is essential to prep your skin regardless of whether you intend to go for a full face makeup or a lighter touch up. Primer and foundation are a critical first step before applying makeup as they will make it last longer. 

Primer is essentially a base to lay your foundation. Typically in silky smooth cream or gel form, priming fills in the pores on your face and evens out skin texture, creating the perfect canvas for your makeup.

Once primed, your skin is now ready for foundation. This step is critical as it can make all the difference. When it comes to foundation, picking the right shade for your skin is your number one priority. Always test foundation colors against your jawline first. 

Liquid Foundation application tools, while a matter of personal preference also needs careful consideration. Sometimes, your fingers may be all you need, like when going for a light coverage look.

However, when you want to glam up, your best bet would be an applicator brush or beauty blender. 

Foundation powdering isn’t quite as straight forward. If you dab on too little it doesn’t work; too much and you end up with the dreaded cake look. A great tip we can recommend is light dusting using a larger brush. 

3. Highlight and Define

Now comes the fun part. Here we can get a little more creative. Firstly, apply concealer in a triangular shape right below your eyes. This technique works wonders in ensuring natural-looking coverage and drawing attention to your eyes.

Next, you can apply highlighter along the top of your cheekbones, between the brows and on your chin.Follow this up by contour powdering along the sides of your nose, cheekbones and forehead areas. Once done, your blush can go on to the apples of your cheeks extending towards the temples.

Want to look like a star? It’s all in the eyes. Apply a light gold, shimmery shadow to the area of your lids just below the eyelash line. Next, using a blending brush, dust a soft brown shade as you blend outward. 

For your brows, fill in with a brow pencil for a more defined look. Add some mascara, and you have aced your eye makeup!

Final Thoughts

Using a lip brush, swipe on a natural, rosy pink lipstick and your makeup is complete. With these makeup applications tips, it’s easy to create a Hollywood beauty look.

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