Drastic Changes That Occurred After Laser and IPL Machines Evolution in Beauty Treatment Industry

Everyone wants instant result from an action whether it is beauty treatment or medical treatment.

The traditional methods of beauty salons have gone outdated because of their short-term impacts and side effects.

Also, the cosmetics needs a lot of care after applying. The motive of searching for reliable beauty treatment equipment leads to the discovery of light therapies. 

At first, the customised version of a laser comes to existence that is capable of solving issues like unwanted hair, acne scars and dark pigmentation.

The laser is an effective measure, but also involves the risk of damaging skin due to just a little mistake.

Thus, low intensity and a safer device called Intense Pulse Light is introduced in market. Rather than laser, it works with the help of a xenon lamp to emit light in pulses. 

Here you will come to know about both technologies and their significant benefits for beauty salons. 

How Does Laser Machine Works For Beauty Treatments?

Laser is a well-known technology that has a significant role in the industrial sector for cutting heavy metal sheets.

Due to its high intensity of releasing energy, laser is always considered as a hazardous device.

Now, technicians have customized it in a manner that the light of the laser is capable of healing several skin issues in the controlled environment. 

The laser machine emits a narrow spectrum with almost a single wavelength that precisely focuses on a specific area of skin. It is compatible with every kind of skin tone whether you are fair, tan or dark.

The wavelength is adjusted according to the sensitivity of skin and type of skin problem. Laser therapy for skin treatment is a fast way to get rid of many issues, but it is also very expensive. 

How Does Laser Machine Works For Beauty Treatments

How Does IPL Machine Works For Beauty Treatment?

Many people misunderstood the IPL machine like a laser machine because of their similar properties.

Both laser and IPL are meant for healing skin problems with light therapy, but their properties are entirely different.

The IPL machine emits 10 to 20 pulses per second with the help of a xenon lamp that has a broad spectrum.

Also, the light of IPL machine contains different wavelengths that can be filtered to obtain the desired results.

This is a less invasive and much safer technique of skin treatment that most of the people can afford. 

However, if you will compare the results time, it takes a longer duration as compared to laser.  

Significant Benefits of Laser Therapy for Your Skin

1. Permanent hair removal 

This is one of the most significant advantages of laser machine and the reason for its popularity too.

The narrow spectrum of concentrate wavelength emitted by laser directly penetrates inside the skin’s first layer to contact with hair follicles.

These follicles are also known as the roots of hair that contain melanocyte pigment. This pigment attracts laser wavelength which turns into heat energy.

This heat destroys the follicle and prevents re-growing. In just 2 or 3 sessions, the hair growth will stop and you get a silky smooth skin. 

2. Acne scars removal 

Acne affects everyone’s life at least once or more depending on the skin type, hygiene and climatic conditions.

If you have recently suffered from acne problem or currently facing it, laser can help very efficiently.

Its wavelength is capable of going deep inside the skin where acne bacteria Propionibacterium acnes present abundantly. The heat energy of laser kills the bacteria and prevents further infestation.

If the acne has gone, but scars are remaining, the laser beam also helps in reducing their appearance on face and gives you a smooth look. 

3. Tattoo removal

One can utilise the capability of laser light to remove permanent tattoos from the body. It is an effective but also painful way of removing the tattoos.

Before starting the treatment, dermatologists numb the area with local anaesthesia to prevent the patient from any kind of comfort.

Also, the cooling gel is applied to the area before treatment to minimize the pain of treatment. 

During the process of tattoo removal, the concentrated beam is targeted in skin tissues to penetrate inside the first layer and distort the molecules of tattoo pigment.

When broken in tiny molecules, the pigment gradually starts decreasing that results in fading of tattoos after every session. 

Tattoo removal

Major Advantages of Using IPL Machines

1. Skin rejuvenation

One of the major advantages that you get with IPL machine is skin rejuvenating properties. The light of IPL machine helps in removing wrinkles, fine lines and crow feet by enhancing the elasticity.

The wavelength emitting from its xenon lamp stimulates the inner tissues of skin to produce an adequate amount of collagen.

Actually, the main reason of wrinkles is loss of collagen protein from body that lies in the second layer of skin. This collagen depleted when the first layer of skin called the dermis becomes weaker.

Due to the excessive release of dead skin from the dermis, it becomes weaker; consequently, the collagen of the second layer also reduces.

Laser is also an alternative of skin rejuvenation in the same way, but its high intensity can also leave scars after treatment.

2. Birthmarks and tattoo removal 

Both tattoos and birthmarks are caused by the unwanted pigment in skin. In the case of the tattoo, synthetic pigment is settled inside the skin draw a pattern that signifies someone’s belief or just fashion.

Once the tattooing process finishes, it remains as an integral part of body. In case if you are not satisfied with the current design or want to forget the memories related to tattoo, the options are very limited.

Some people suggest chemical scrubbing and others suggest laser, both of them are invasive and leave scars after treatment.

Therefore, the IPL has been introduced as the safest way to get rid of tattoos. It is a slow but steady process of tattoo removal that also similarly works on cosmetic tattoos.

In the case of birthmarks, many physicians suggest having surgery, but the marks of surgery will always remain of skin.

Therefore, it’s better to look for a safe alternative. The light of the IPL machine works well on both pigment and vascular birthmarks.

The process of removing pigment birthmark is similar to permanent tattoo removal.

However, the vascular birthmarks are removed differently because of their different structure.

Vascular birthmarks occur due to the disordered blood vessel endings. Most of these marks disappear in 7 to 8 months of birth, but others remain permanently.

When the light energy of IPL machine is emitted in these marks, it heats up the blood vessels and unblocks the blood to flow in a normal way.

3. Hyperpigmentation 

Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition when the dermis layer starts producing excessive melanin pigment.

Generally, this situation occurs due to the excessive exposure to sun or growing age.

In elders, the problem of hyperpigmentation occurs in small patches. The main reason for this problem is melanin that can be easily removed with the help of an intense pulse light therapy.

It reduces the presence of dark pigment, but expert professionals are recommended who know the level of hypopigmentation to maintain. Exceeding the limit can result in permanent loss of skin colour.

There are also some models of universal IPL's commercial laser hair removal machines available in market, but they are not as effective as laser.

Hyperpigmentation treatment

Suggestions to Follow Before and After Treatment for both Laser and IPL Users

Before the treatment 

  1. Keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water regularly.
  2. Avoid direct sun exposure to the body part that you want to treat. The impact of sun exceeds the treatment duration in some cases.
  3. Do not go to the beach for sunbath for at least 6 weeks before the treatment. It is recommended to apply a good sunscreen whenever you go outside.
  4. Any kind of hair removal processes like waxing, epilator and hair removing creams are prohibited a month before treatment. Rather than all this stuff, use a razor to shave the area.
  5. Avoid taking medicines like antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, painkillers, diabetic drugs and anti-fungal. These kinds of drugs are responsible for making your skin photosensitive.

After the treatment 

  1. Don’t take sauna bath for at least two weeks after treatment because the skin tissues take time to heal after treatment.
  2. Just like before treatment, avoid coming in contact with direct sunlight for about a month. If you do, the chances of dark spots formation will increase.
  3. Do not apply any hair removing cream or wax on the treated skin
  4. Redness and swelling is a common symptom of using laser IPL machines that appears after every treatment. Don’t apply any kind of makeup product on the treated area of skin because it may react.
  5. Avoid sweat releasing exercise for 2 or 3 days after treatment.

Potential Risks With IPL and Laser Therapy

a. Laser risks

  1. Redness and irritation on the treated area.
  2. Change in pigment
  3. Hair shedding
  4. Excessive change in skin texture if your skin tone is dark
  5. Scarring due to the heat of laser

b. IPL Risks

  1. Blistering and bleeding in some rare cases
  2. Scarring
  3. Swelling and redness
  4. Hyper or hypopigmentation

c. Prohibitions

  1. Pregnant ladies
  2. Skin cancer patients
  3. Open lesions
  4. People prone to allergic reactions
  5. Lupus
  6. Porphyria

Safety comes first when it comes to face treatment because a little error can ruin your entire appearance.

Therefore, it is recommended to opt out IPL therapy until laser is not necessary. Currently, Universal Medical Aesthetics are the leading suppliers of IPL machines in different models.

All equipment available there are passed after strict testing as per international standards.

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