How Do I Start A Med Spa With No Money?

Med spas have been around since 1998 after the first one opened in San Francisco. They employ all the benefits of a day spa along with the medical beauty treatments you would normally receive at a doctor’s office. The result is a wider range of treatments but in a more relaxed atmosphere than you would receive when visiting your doctor.

They have to be licensed, regulated and have a qualified medical healthcare professional attached to the business. The staff are generally highly knowledgeable of all the treatments on offer and the products they sell.

A good med spa will make you feel welcome, provide a professional evaluation of your needs and leave you feeling happy with the results of any procedure or treatment you have undertaken.

You want to start your own spa but don’t have any money. Is this possible to do? The med spa industry is not an easy one to get into but there are some tips that you can employ to make starting one a little smoother and less financially crippling. 

Legalities and regulations

Legislation, rules and regulations will differ depending on which region or state you are in. You must be aware of the rules in your area before you start.

By and large you need a physician to be associated with the spa and you will need some medical background too. Check online for local legislation.

Get investment

You may have no money or a very limited budget but you will still need cash to open a spa.

Equipment needs to be bought and product lines stocked. Advertising and marketing need to be paid for. 

Create a solid business plan and present this to friends and family members. Use your personal network and reach out to potential partners. 

Build a brand, a vision and market them

Set the vision for the spa early on so you know where you are headed. Pick a niche area and look at stocking some unique products like Korean moisturisers and serums

to focus on to make you stand out. Get a logo that is distinctive and easily remembered and build your brand around this.

Plan out a marketing campaign and use social media to get your med spa out there to potential customers. Look at other spas to see what they are doing such as Ontario’s top rated medical spa, Laserbody MD.

Staffing and support

Look for freshers to help in the spa. This will be cheaper than hiring experienced staff. You will need to allocate sufficient time for staff training.

Crowdsourcing and online gigs

For your logo and other artwork look first at family members and friends. Perhaps you have a designer in your immediate circle of associates.

If not then look at sites like Freelancer and Fiverr where you can get artwork designed by a professional for less than going to an agency. You can get them to change it until you are happy. 

Alternatively use a site like Designcrowd where you may end up with dozens of designs from artists all over the world. A great way to receive many choices without committing to buying any.

Spa equipment

You will obviously need equipment and will want to keep the cost minimal. Again go to friends and families and see if they have any spa equipment that is possible to borrow until you purchase your own.

Look online for secondhand equipment or perhaps you can hire until you are ready to buy. Choose the right location and watch for competition

You don’t need to be in a fancy, hip area of town. People will be happy to travel to you for their treatments if you are running a good spa.

Look for somewhere that is accessible and has parking. Somewhere with low rent without being in a bad area and ideally with no competition too close. You want to get an area where you have a large catchment and no one else competing.

Create a great experience

You want to make sure everyone who walks through that door is not only a potential customer but also a repeat visitor and a reference for your spa.

You want them to go home and tell their friends what great treatment they received and how the whole experience was relaxing, friendly and professional. Make sure your staff are enjoying their work so that their happiness rubs off on the clients. 

When the client arrives take them to a comfortable waiting area and offer them a drink. Provide any medical forms on the website so they can fill them in prior to the visit so everything is streamlined. 

Make sure your healthcare professional is there for evaluations so the customer has no extra waiting time. Make sure contact details and aftercare is all explained and they leave happy with their time in your spa.

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