How to Protect Yourself in Rainy Season & Keep Your Skin Healthy

There is no limit to how much the rain benefits us. Besides collecting rainwater for use at home, it is good for vegetative growth among others.

However, rain has its downsides. Many have died from floods while others rendered homeless.

Besides, you are always at risk of infections because of cold weather.

In the past, rain used to catch people unawares. They used to guess the weather by a clueless gaze at the sky.

Thanks to weather forecasting, you can always predict the forthcoming weather conditions.  

As a result, you can always stay ahead of the rain. You can simply choose to stay at home or carry protective gear just in case.

Even though such gears sometimes do not work perfectly, they go a long way into protecting you. 

Unlike sun and wind, it is very difficult to protect yourself from the rain. It impairs visual capabilities, drenches you and your clothes, and it can sweep you away.

Moreover, rain mixes with soil forming mud that could make you dirty and affect vehicle movement.

You should, therefore, induce methods and use gears like an umbrella to keep off rain. 

Use of umbrellas

You cannot talk about keeping off the rain without mentioning an umbrella. This is the most popular method used all around the world.

Umbrellas are the most common method because they literally stop rain from reaching your body. 

Unlike raincoats and jackets, umbrellas promote ventilation that reduces overheating.

You do not want to suffocate and overheat in the rain for sure. They are very lightweight and portable equipment to use in the rain.

Unlike rain jackets and raincoats, umbrellas are versatile and can protect you from other weather conditions like the sun.

Technology too has not left umbrellas behind. Several improvements have occurred to umbrellas over the years.

Currently, there exist transparent overhead umbrellas. Such models actually let you see ahead while protecting you from rain.

An inverted umbrella that indeed has more functionality exists. They can keep dry and are easy to fold in tight positions like when entering a car. 

You can actually work in slight rains with an offset cantilever umbrella today.

A tilt umbrella further gives allows you to roam in a restricted place in slight rains.

With such innovations in place, Umbrellas are indeed here to stay. For more information about umbrellas, visit 

Dress properly for cold or rainy weather

Did you know that you could actually walk in rainy or cold weather? All you need to do is dress appropriately for it.

You can actually adopt a technique of layering clothes. This is a technique of wearing several thin clothing instead of just one thick cloth. 

Nevertheless, you will have to accessorize to protect your whole body water and cold. This method employs the use of three layers of clothing.

These are the base layer, mid and the external layer. The base layer is always very thin and fitting to the body to remove sweat.

You can use polyester in this case. The mid layer is slightly thick and is supposed to keep hot air closer to the body.

A waterproof external later then follows to protect you from the rain and wind. They are impermeable to water and minimize condensation.

You can also use heavy waterproof rain jackets and boots if you find them convenient.

Accessorize your clothing

Besides dressing properly, you will need to put on more accessories to cover your whole body.

Firstly, consider wearing a waterproof cap on your head. This will help you keep your hair from drenching.

Moreover, excess water will not run on your face into your clothing. There is always so much cold in a rainy weather. 

Therefore, you should wear a scarf or buff and breathe into it to avoid discomfort when breathing.

In addition, you can wear a wooly hat and gloves. Finally, you can carry a thermal flask with a warm drink. Coffee is however discouraged as they might give you a headache.

Use of tents

Have you ever imagined what rain could do to your camping outing or event?

You should always watch your back for rain whenever planning an outdoor event. Tents always provide the best solution in this case.

However, you will have to choose a high quality, lightweight tent that is spacious. You do not want to be rained on while under the tent indeed.

Nevertheless, it should be free standing and quick to set up. Tents, if well used can help you keep warm and dry as possible.

Stay safe

The only way to stay away from trouble is to avoid it.  The easiest way to keep away from rain is to stay a home. Weather forecasting comes in handy at his point.

Nevertheless, you should always be keen to keep away until the rains are over before resuming your outdoor duties. 

Using automobiles are always very challenging in the rain as it impairs your visual capabilities. Consequently, you should drive carefully if you have to.

However, you will have to persevere sliding tarmac or being stuck on muddy roads. These could be the only reason you stay alive when heavy rains come kicking doors.

Stay healthy

It is always very easy to fall prey to diseases during rainy seasons. Always carry rain protecting gear whenever going out to keep warm. Malaria is very common in rainy seasons because of stagnant water.

Therefore, use mosquito nets and repellants. You should also be cautious of viral infections. Consequently, always avoid street foods and roadside juices.

Instead, you should try mineral water. Moreover, you should avoid scratching your skin when bitten by insects.

Finally, drink herbal tea that has to boost your immunity.

Final verdict

Rains are essential for our wellbeing. However, it can also go further to cause damage in equal measure. Besides umbrellas, you can indeed cover yourself from rain by using tents.

Moreover, protective gears and accessories are very easy means of keeping off from rain. Most importantly, you should always stay safe away from rain and cold weather. 

You should note that most means of staying away from rains are preventive. Therefore, you should always stay up to date with the latest information of imminent rains and make plans in advance.

Rains, if not well controlled could cause massive damages, illness, and discomfort.