Avoid These Things and Have A Glowing Skin

Skin is basically a reflection of our soul. If we are healthy from inside, our skin shows that warmth, similarly whenever we feel sick or a bit low, it becomes visible by the warning signs of our skin.  

In order to look young and get a glowing skin, there are certain things that one should avoid. We are here to share with you some of those things.

5 Things to Avoid to Have a Glowing and Young Skin

1. Packaged Juice

Juice might not be something you would guess to be on the list of things that one should avoid in order to have a glowing skin, but sadly, it is.

Juice is considered healthy and wholesome only if it is made fresh. If it is packaged, then it is best to avoid it.

Packaged juice boxes usually come with a high sugar content and it also lacks natural fiber that is found in actual fruits.

By consuming high sugar content packaged juice, you only increase your chances of acne.

2. Being in Debt

Recent studies have found that stress plays a vital role in how your skin feels.

Stress releases hormones in your body such as cortisol (commonly known as ‘stress hormone’) and adrenaline which puts a severe impact on your skin.

One of the biggest causes of stress is being in debt, and you need to learn to manage finances properly in order to get out of debt fast.

Thus, the sooner you clear your debts, the better you will be able to lead a stress-free life which will put a positive impact on your skin.

3. Fast Foods

Eating fast foods can put a bad impact on your skin. It is as simple as this, if you want to live healthily and take care of your skin, then avoid eating fast foods. These fast foods are deeply fried which causes harm to your skin.

Eating fast foods slows down blood circulation in your body and clogs the pores through which it helps bacteria formation and ultimately leads to the growth of acne on your skin.

4. Chips

This might not be that big of a surprise. Chips are deep fried and are never considered as healthy food.

It not only puts a negative impact on your skin but also makes you fat and obese.

Chips are made of processed carbs which turn to sugar in your body and this increases the level of insulin, and research shows that insulin increases your chances of growing acne.

Some of these chips are also made of pro-inflammatory oils such as vegetable oils or canola oils which are also responsible for acne.

5. Coff​​​​ee

Yes, bad news for coffee lovers. If you want your skin to stay young and glowing, then it is recommended to avoid coffee.

We are not asking you to avoid drinking coffee completely, just drink one cup a day.

Drinking more than 1 cup of coffee can lead to a dull and thin appearance of your skin.

Caffeine, if consumed in high amount, releases cortisol (the same stress-hormone that we talked about in point 2) which increases the aging process and works on thinning your skin.

Drinking multiple cups of coffee every day is kind of an addiction anyway and just like any other addictions, it cannot do any good. Just drink your morning coffee only.


There you go, 5 things that you SHOULD AVOID in order to have a glowing and young skin.

Keep these things in mind and avoid them, and you will surely see changes within a few months. Make sure to share this with your friends and family.

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