How to Get Rid of Deep and Rolling Acne Scars

We’ve all been guilty of popping our pimple every now and then. But there are times when we regret doing so when they turn into nasty scars.

Rolling scars give the skin an uneven and jagged appearance. They are broad depressions on the skin, usually rounded and have sloping edges, which coined the name “rolling scars”.

This type of scar gives the skin a rough and wavy texture which is the result of damage under the skin. This happens when the fibrous bands of tissue grow between the skin and subcutaneous tissues. The bands then pull the epidermis from within, which gives out the rolling appearance.

Luckily, there are treatments that can help get rid of these deep and rolling acne scars.

Ways to Get Rid of Deep and Rolling Acne Scars

1. Vitamin E

This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant that helps heal the skin and repair tissues. At the same time, it protects the skin from free radicals that may cause more damage to the surface.

Vitamin E cream and oil can be massaged on the skin. While supplements can be taken to help reduce breakouts.

2. Baking Soda

This natural ingredient is gaining popularity for being used during microdermabrasion.

The mixture of baking soda and water creates a paste-like substance. This is applied on the skin’s surface and gently rubbed. 

During the application, dead skin cells are exfoliated. This treatment helps shed the top layer of the skin and also diminish the appearance of the scars.

3. In-Clinic Treatments

If none of the above mentioned natural remedies work for you, then acne scar removal treatments from aesthetic clinics can be of big help to you.

4. Chemical Peel

This is not your usual cream and mask that can be applied on your own anytime.

Aesthetic clinics’ chemical peel products are usually stronger and are in the form of acid that provides different levels of treatment.

This treatment causes the skin to peel and will require a little downtime for the skin to heal fully.

5. Laser

This is a common treatment for rolling scars as it resurfaces and levels the top layers of the skin.

Although requiring multiple sessions and little downtime, it is a great way to enhance collagen production. This treatment uses lasers which removes the top layer of the skin wherein new skin forms. 

6. Microneedling

This is an effective method as it opens up channels in the skin, giving way to skin care products to reach into deeper layers where they’re needed the most.

This treatment uses a hand-held device with small micro-needles which stimulate collagen production and activate scar remodeling.

The objective of this treatment is to build a collagen layer under the scars in order to raise the level of the depressed areas. 

To learn more about these effective treatments for scar removals, click here.

Rolling scars may look permanent and impossible to get rid of, but with the right treatments performed, your skin can get back to its smoother and younger looking version!

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