Women’s Health: Top 10 Fitness Tips for Working Women

Women are no longer restricted to the kitchen and are now are beginning to match men in scaling the careers ladder.

However, they still have the role of being mothers, thus must  juggle their job and family. As a result of their big responsibilities, some women have become victims of obesity and poor fitness practices.

Women must remember that they have to strike a balance between their duties and nurturing a healthy lifestyle. They need to keep an eye on their diet, do sufficient exercise and take adequate rest.

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1. Maintain an active schedule all day long

You can stay active at work by walking as much as possible. Being on your feet is also better if you do not have much typing to do.

Also, take breaks every 30 minutes and walk around for a minute. During your lunch breaks, take a stroll around the block or even beyond.

2. Avoid being overly concerned with weight loss

If you put too much emphasis on the numbers on your scale, you will most probably end up gaining weight.

Instead, aim to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle by eating the right food and working out correctly.

3. Fill your house with healthy snacks

If you have a habit of snacking every so often, having healthy snacks to munch on will save you from harming your health by consuming sugary or fatty snacks.

4. Come up with an effective workout pattern

Plan a workout routine based on your  schedule. Try to adapt to a strength training, to be completed no less than twice a week for 20 minutes each session.

Better still, interval training, for instance walking or running, can be of help in toning your whole body.

5. Drink plenty of water

Proper functioning of the body’s metabolism and other processes depend on adequate water intake.

You should get in the habit of drinking water in intervals to avoid dehydration.

6. Eat a good breakfast

A working woman needs a proper diet, in addition to exercising, to maintain a healthy body.

You should eat a good breakfast that has lots of fruit, especially fresh ones with lots of glucose to avoid a sweet cravings.

Also, have some dry fruits with you to give you an energy-boost should you need it.

7. Minimize intake of refined carbohydrates

You should try to consume the lowest quantities possible of refined carbs such as white rice, cookies, chocolate etc. 

Consumption of food full of refined carbs raises your blood sugar level, consequently triggering higher insulin production whose effect is an increase of fat in the body.

8. Workout with a friend

If you’re lacking in motivation to work out, call a friend to give you company, or you could even take your pet for a stroll.

Doing exercise alongside a friend will help you to remain motivated and therefore achieve your goals. It is also fun!

9. Healthy carbs are essential

Carbs are crucial, as they supply energy to power your body for exercise as well as daily tasks. You should increase your consumption of fruits and other high-fiber foods. 

In addition, have an appropriate portion of protein to slow down the rate of crab break-down in the body.

10. Flexibility is critical for success in being healthy

You do not need to have a rigid regime in that if you miss a workout at your planned time, you cannot take it another time.

Exercise whenever the  chance presents itself or rearrange your schedule to slot in another workout.