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CompTIA Security+ Certification: Get the Leading Entry-Level Cybersecurity Credential Through Free Exam Dumps

From data breaches to brute force and spear phishing, security threats are diverse and have no specific target groups or individuals.

Precisely, a cyber-threat is a malicious attack that intends to steal or damage data and interrupt the smooth running of the entire digital life. 

While many governments and organizations have adopted useful mitigation strategies to help curb these threats, it’s still not enough to wipe them out altogether.

This post is intended to give you background information about the CompTIA Security+ N10-007 certification.

This is one of the foundation level credentials that assesses the students’ knowledge of basic security concepts that will enable them to serve their organizations in a fulfilling way.

CompTIA Core Certifications

Regardless of the IT role you choose to pursue, there’s always a way to validate your foundational set of skills that will position you for the specific role.

The CompTIA Core certification track, for example, is focused on several specialist IT job roles that will help you become an all-round IT professional. 

These credentials include ITF+, A+, Network+, and Security+. What is more, there are other well-known badges that a lot of candidates opt for, e.g. Cloud+, CySA+, СTT+, Linux+. 

Nevertheless, let’s concentrate in detail on the CompTIA Security+ certification which is the topi of this post and has been designed for cybersecurity geeks.

CompTIA Security+ Certification Overview

CompTIA Security+ is a foundation cyber-security badge that verifies the entry-level skills required to complete core security functions.

It focuses on the practical, hands-on skills that are important for technical job positions in systems administration, IT auditing, and security administration among the rest.

What’s more, this certification is considered to be a unique credential in many ways.

Firstly, it is the only entry-level cyber-security badge with performance-based questions on its exam, SY0-501 by code. 

This credential evaluates hands-on skills to equip students with important knowledge that will make them better problem solvers in real-life scenarios. 

Also, the CompTIA Security+ credential covers modern trends and techniques that are built around risk management, risk mitigation, intrusion detection and threat management.

CompTIA Security+ Exam Overview

Exam SY0-501 confirms your technical skills related to installing and configuring systems that are important in ensuring the security of networks, devices, and applications.

SY0-501 exam candidates should also show their proficiency in performing threat analysis, participating in risk mitigation activities as well as operating with the knowledge of the applicable policies and regulations. 

All these services are aimed at supporting the 3 major principles of availability, integrity, and confidentiality.

To take CompTIA SY0-501 exam it’s recommended that you have gained the CompTIA Network+ badge and have two years of work experience in IT administration with a security focus.

Skills Acquired from the CompTIA Security+ Exam

The CompTIA Security+ assessment verifies your knowledge of such major sections as threats, attacks & vulnerabilities, identity & access management, technologies& tools, architecture & design, risk management, cryptography & PKI.

If you have passed the certification exam, you grow professionally and have the real opportunity to earn $86,000 per year, according to PayScale website.

Exam Facts

The CompTIA SY0-501 test covers 90 questions related to the cyber-security domain.

The assessment mode is multiple-choice and performance-based and candidates have a maximum of 90 minutes to complete all exam questions. To sit for this test, you need to pay a fee of $349.

Career Options

To know more, the CompTIA Security+ certification equips you with important skills and knowledge that you will require to successfully serve as a Penetration Tester or a Junior IT Auditor.

Besides, this credential can also help you launch a career as a Security Administrator, Network Administrator or a Systems Administrator.

Let’s look into the positions of a systems administrator and a network administrator. A systems administrator makes an important part of a company’s IT department.

And their primary roles include managing the company’s hardware and software, installing the necessary applications for the company’s operation, and updating systems based on the release of new software.

A network administrator, on the other hand, primarily focuses on the company’s network and server systems. 

However, it should be stated that the roles of these two professionals may overlap in some cases and that’s why they work together in line with the company’s vision and objectives.

Using Prepaway

If there’s an easier way to obtain an IT certification, it is by using reliable study materials. And this is exactly what Prepaway guarantees.

If you need one of the simplest ways to pass your CompTIA SY0-501 exam, check out the exam dumps provided by Prepaway. 

Whether you opt for the paid Premium Bundle ($39.97), which consists of a verified file with questions & answers, video lectures, and a study guide, or free exam dumps, both learning modalities have been structured in a way that they cover all the exam concepts in an easy-to-grasp format. 

But just ensure you download the Avanset VCE Simulator to help you open the dumps easily. Thus, you’ll hone your skills and tackle the real exam easily.


Cyber threats can be scary and the outcome is always worrying when they get the better of your business.

But you don’t have to be anxious when you can secure your digital assets easily with minimum training.

Getting the right cyber-security credential is a proactive approach that will put you on top of the commonly witnessed cyber threats. 

So, if you want to verify your foundation cyber-security skills, go for the CompTIA Security+ credential by taking SY0-501 exam and try free updated exam dumps from Prepaway to do what you’ve been dreaming of.

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