Cannabis Cream for Skin Issues

Potentially speaking, cannabis cream could be the newest and most effective cream for many people who suffer from a variety of different skin conditions as well as common skin issues.

Cannabis cream is made up of compounds called cannabinoids (CBD) that come from the cannabis plant itself.

The cannabis plant is a natural growing plant that has a wide range of health benefits to the human body. Cannabinoids are believed to be the key ingredient to the relief of many skin issues. 

Unlike THC, the CBD does not contain the psycho-active ingredient that THC has; therefore, the cannabis creams, lotions, topical ointments, and products will not get you high.

The beauty industry is in its prime right now, cannabis creams and CBD oils are believed to be beneficial for anti-aging. The natural properties of the cannabis plant have been proven to help the skin heal, as well as soothe irritated/dry skin.

This could very well be the secret ingredient in the skin care industry. Many people across the globe are suffering from severe, hard to treat, difficult to live with and outright nightmares of skin issues and conditions.

Major Skin Issue Relief

1. Eczema & Psoriasis

Can Cannabis Cream Help with Eczema or Psoriasis?

Eczema and Psoriasis are two problematic, chronic, and very difficult skin issues that many people are finding themselves battling daily. These diseases leave the skin extremely dry, cracked & scaly. Patients are left with the feeling of a constant itch that can’t be scratched nor relieved in any way.

Non-stop scratching at one’s skin eventually leaves the skin irritated and inflamed. These skin issues have numerous triggers, each patient’s condition is unique from another’s. Thus, making it hard to treat, let alone cure.

People all over the world are suffering from these, sometimes, never-ending skin conditions. Both eczema and psoriasis are triggered by the immune system. Millions are constantly battling their skin and end up never finding a real solution.

They end up wasting time and money, applying steroids to their skin with many unnatural ingredients that never actually help the problem entirely.

The anti-inflammatory property of the cannabinoids soothes the skin and has effectively gotten rid of patches of dry, itchy, scaly, inflamed and irritated skin. Patients diagnosed with eczema and psoriasis have had positive results from recent studies while using cannabis creams as treatment.

This is great news – considering there has yet to be a true and effective treatment for these skin conditions as they are basically a rollercoaster of skin flare ups. These skin issues are typically treated symptomatically as triggers for flare ups are always changing.

2. Acne

For years, the beauty and skin industry has been on the constant hunt for the “best solution” to acne – and the many forms it comes in.

Acne can not only be embarrassing, but it can be painful as well. Billions of dollars are wasted every year by people purchasing different “acne creams” with little to no permanent relief. 

Experts say due to the cannabinoid’s anti-inflammatory properties; these creams effectively treat blemishes and are providing people with substantial relief.

Studies have proven cannabis creams to decrease inflammation and the chances of scaring, shrink the size of the blemish as well as reduce redness on the skin. 

3. Rosacea 

Millions of Americans are diagnosed with and suffer from Rosacea. In comparison to similar skin issues, like eczema and psoriasis, the symptoms are all in the same.

Specifically, Rosacea ONLY affects the facial area, such as one’s cheeks, nose, around the eyes, and chin. 

Rosacea does NOT have a true cure, nor is there a definite answer as to what causes a person’s skin to flare up.

One common factor in all of these severe skin conditions is a person’s immune system. These issues always are triggered by a compromised immune system.

4. Anti-Aging Properties

Cannabis creams couldn’t have had a better time to shine, as many people are searching for that ‘key ingredient’ while looking for a fountain of youth type of serum.

The industry has many options for anti-aging skin creams. Cannabis creams are made of natural ingredients which are more appealing when talking about products to apply to your face and body.

Quite frankly, the market is always looking for “the next best thing” or the “newest discovery”. The truth is the answer might have been right under our noses this entire time.

Medicinal uses of the cannabis plant have been a major topic of discussion. However, these creams are working very well. 

The truth is, there’s no actual fountain of youth and you can’t stop yourself from growing older.

However, adding different things, such as cannabis cream to your daily skin routine, can help rejuvenate your skin making you look younger. 

Cannabinoids hold certain antioxidant and anti-aging properties that are helpful to the human skin.

They aid in lipid production, which will help with regulating certain skin issues, especially when skin issues are treated locally with a topical. 

Natural is Better

Plants have tremendous healing properties and are an incredible resource to humans and animals in many ways.

More studies are proving the effectiveness of cannabis cream, not to mention the entire cannabis plant as a whole, to be immensely beneficial for humans on a wide variety of health symptoms, problems, conditions and diseases.

One manufacturer refers to cannabis as “Intelligent Medicine.” The compounds found in the cannabis plant communicates in a very positive and unique way with the human endocannabinoid system; finally giving patients a solution to their skin issues.

It’s vital to drink plenty of water and then apply the cannabis cream to the affected area of the body before bed, this will ensure optimal results.

The skin is the bodies largest organ, absorbing creams like a sponge. It’s very important to educate yourself and be aware of what products are being used on the body; and what effects or reactions they might have on a one’s skin condition or issue.

Where Can I Find Cannabis Cream

Need I mention the fact that we’re in the heart of the digital era? The internet can be the most resourceful tool to have; there are numbers of online stores and shops selling cannabis creams.

Different apps will ship their products to you, small business owners are on the rise – becoming more commonly found in stores and across the country. Creams are sold locally at tattoo shops, natural supplement shops, and medicinal marijuana dispensaries.

Always remember to do proper research and review a product before testing it on the skin, especially if the skin is sensitive or has predetermined skin issues or conditions. Many products can make severe skin issues worse, allergic reactions can occur, or a person may see reverse effects.

The results from cannabis cream studies over the years have been so successful, people are refusing steroid topical treatments and turning to the natural route.

You can find creams, topical ointments, bath bombs, lip balms, shampoo and other hair products, lotions, and cannabis infused – almost anything to help soothe irritated skin or add rejuvenating properties to the skin and hair.

  • Research before you buy – and check the ingredients to know what is being put onto/into your skin.
  • If you have a SEVERE skin issue, it is best you consult with a medical professional before you test things on your skin.
  • If you believe you are having an allergic reaction to any products used on your skin – call 911 and seek immediate medical attention.
  • Remember every person, as well as their skin has their own special condition(s); and whether it be a lack of moisture or a more severe condition each case should be treated per its specific circumstances.
  • When in doubt – call your doctor to ask them any questions or concerns you might have about any medications you are taking or creams you are using.

Disclaimer: Smoking the plant during a skin outbreak can have the opposite effect. It’s best to wait until your skin clears up to if smoking cannabis is your preference.

Creams, bath bombs and skin products infused with CBD have a completely different effect on the body compared to when it‘s still in plant form and smoked or ingested.

Decide what’s best for you. If it’s skin related, a topical is more than likely your best bet.

Topical creams treat the skin locally – meaning it is applied to a specific part of the skin, targeted to give relief and clear up the skin by absorbing the cannabis cream from the outside in.

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