Can Botox Be Used As Medical Treatment For Eye Conditions?

Many people will connect Botox with beauty treatments that are carried out to stay young looking, so keep the skin smooth and wrinkle free. And in most cases, they are right. It is one of the most popular treatments for beauty and anti-aging and is something that is available all around the world to people of all ages. 

It is not just a beauty treatment for celebrities or old people. It is something that a number of young people are also undergoing and the effectiveness of the procedure is something that ensures that patients come back for follow up treatments, as the results are not permanent.

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Botox is more than just cosmetic surgery

In addition to the results desired by Botox in terms of beauty and anti-aging, it is also a procedure that is carried out to help with a number of different medical conditions that people suffer from. These can include neck ache and spasms and migraines. 

The way that Botox works is that each injection will numb and freeze the muscles in the area where it is injected, causing them to stop moving. This leads to the skin being able to relax and in some cases, such as spasms, offer relief to the pain felt by the sufferer.

The Botox procedure is fairly simple and doesn’t take too much time. There might be some initial pain felt from the injection, and the patient may experience some slight swelling or bruising for a couple of days after, but these will all clear up pretty quickly.

Botox treatment for the eyes

One of the most popular treatments for Botox is to help remove the appearance of “crow's feet” that appear in the outer corner of the eye. These are caused by a lifetime of facial expressions where the skin is tightened and loosened through smiling, laughing or everyday expressions such as shock or anger. However, there are some more serious conditions that people may suffer from, and Botox can help them.

Lazy Eye

There are other Botox treatments for the eyes that are not carried out just for cosmetic reasons. Many people around the world suffer from Strabismus, which most of know as “lazy eye” condition. It is where one eye has reduced vision and your brain will favor the visual signals from one eye over the other.  One of the causes of this is a muscle imbalance of the eye muscles that keep them moving and focused. 

Though there are lots of treatments that are suggested to patients who suffer from this, such as the wearing of glasses or even surgery, there is a use for Botox as a treatment. It is injected into the muscles controlling the eye and attempts to create more harmony and a balance between the muscles so that they are both working to a similar capacity.

Eye spasms

Another common eye condition that many people suffer from is when the eye twitches. This is known medically as Blepharospasm and is something that most people will experience at some point in their lives. In most cases this is just a temporary phase caused by overused eyes, allergies or tiredness. But in some cases the condition is more permanent and other treatment is needed.

Muscles around the eye near the upper or lower eyelids can sometimes start randomly twitching, causing irritation to the sufferer. Sometimes the level of spasms can jump from mild to very strong and if they become more prolonged and frequent, they can affect the sufferer’s ability to see.  Having Botox injections in these muscles can help reduce the twitching and ease the irritation that they can cause.

Botox can offer a relief for eye conditions – not a fix

It is very important to stress that Botox treatments are generally used as a fix for a condition. For example, they do not remove wrinkles from a patient's face, but simply reduce their depth and appearance but numbing and relaxation the muscles, stopping them from moving about.

The same applies to Botox when it is used for medical reasons. It can help with irritation and pains that one might be suffering from, but it will not fix the problem. Most eye conditions will require specialist treatment, and while Botox has a small role to play in such conditions, it is just one of many different treatments that you doctor may prescribe.

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