The Complete Guide on Beard Care During the Winter

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If you have a beard or are planning on having one, the winter weather is something to look out for as it could turn your beard into a great mess.

Winter brings along freezing winds and lower humidity all of which have a negative effect on your beard health.

The most common problem that most men face during winter is dryness of their once beautiful mane and the skin underneath the hair.

However, winter should not be a season that spells doom for your beard. By use of the following useful tips, you will be able to maintain a healthy beard throughout the cold winter season.

1. Do not take too many hot showers

Most people may be of the opinion that hot showers would be the best during winter so as to keep off the chilling cold. However, hot water is neither good for your skin nor your beard (source)

Cleaning of your skin and beard by use of hot water strips them of their natural oils thus making the beard brittle and skin super dry. 

This dryness is the culprit for most of the beard dandruff you hear most men complain about. 

It is therefore advisable for you to shower with cooler water that will be of more benefit to both your skin and beard.

2. Thoroughly dry out the water in your beard after showering

Water is often left sitting in the beard minutes or even hours after taking a shower. This water should be dried with a clean towel as soon as you are done showering.

This tap water contains hard minerals that could cause harm to your beard if left sitting in it for too long. 

Also, do not leave the water in your beard to dry on its own as this could strip the hair of its moisture content - this is definitely not what you want for your beard that is struggling to fight the winter weather.

3. Condition your hair instead of shampooing it

Too much use of shampoo will have the same dryness effect as hot water. However, the point here is not stopping to use shampoo but minimizing its use to once or twice per week.

Also, invest in a good conditioner that is loaded with natural ingredients such as argan and tea tree oils. 

When such conditioners are used in place of the shampoo, they clean just as well but they do not rip off your beard of their oils or moisture.

4. Apply a good beard Oil

Most men shy away from beauty products- but if you have a beard or are planning to have one that not only looks healthy but also beautiful, it is about time you began investing beauty products such as a good beard oil.

Daily use of a beard oil will work the magic for your beard health and also the skin beneath it which can be impossible to moisturize with the use of a cream.

A high-quality beard oil will provide your beard with a vast range of benefits all of which are aimed at shielding it from the bad conditions dished out by the winter weather. With this oil, you can say goodbye to dandruff and itching.

However, when purchasing this product, be sure to buy a beard oil that is made of natural ingredients as certain chemicals can cause harm to the health of your beard.

5. Apply Moustache Wax

Winter weather condition can be super cruel to your facial hair.

For this reason, application of a mustache wax would be a great idea as the beeswax and lanolin in it go a long way to protect your beard from the freezing, the cold and dry wind that could damage it (source)

This is not a mandatory step, although if you have long facial hair or a defined moustache, you should not skip it.

6. Make use of Protective Winter Apparel

You could wrap a scarf around your face and beard to prevent hair breakage as a result of freezing.

This is absolutely recommended if you are coming into contact with very frigid temperatures, below 20 Fahrenheit.

7. Seek the services of a local barber

All men that have a beard ought to keep it tidy; some can do it on their own but another cant.

If you are not able to do it yourself, be sure to seek the services of any professional barber near you. 

The major reason why it is important to keep the beard tidy is that it ensures that your hair does not split easily. 

During winter the splitting of hair is bound to happen more so for those that do not take good care of it- and once the splitting begins, the hair damage begins.

Regular beard trimming makes certain that hair damage coming as a result of splitting is minimized. For this reason, it is of prime importance to invest in a good facial hair trimmer so that you are able to fix those splitting ends.

Now you know how your beard will survive through the winter; all you need is a proper beard care routine and use of good beard care products.