8 Top Reasons to Stop Animal Testing

It is wrong to burn, shock, poison, and kill animals in laboratories. However, several manufacturers still kill millions of animals every year in experiments for drugs, cosmetics, floor cleaners, and many more. Also, several countries' laws do not protect the animals in laboratories, so manufacturers can do whatever they want with animals. It is now time to stop animal testing by switching to effective, humane, and modern animal testing alternatives. 

Here are 8 top reasons to stop animal testing: 

1. There are More Alternatives to Animal Testing 

It is much easier to find the best alternatives to animal testing these days. Some companies use human skin equivalent systems to test chemical reactions. These tests are 90-95% accurate, so these companies no longer test the chemical reactions on the skin of different animals. 

It is cheap to switch to alternatives to animal testing. Using these medical advances and discoveries can stop the use of animals for tests. 

2. It is Unethical

It is wrong to kill millions of animals in laboratories every year. It is unethical to lock the animals inside laboratory cages and intentionally cause harm to them. Animals do get scared and lonely inside their cages. 

In the wild, animals are free to roam around, and they mostly live together. We should not let them suffer inside the laboratory cages. They deserve to run around and bond with their kind. 

It is essential to stop animal testing because it is unethical. 

3. Increase in Cruelty-Free Cosmetics 

More people want animal testing to stop, so they are supporting manufacturers making cruelty-free cosmetics. These manufacturers want to stop animal testing, so they do not do any animal tests to make their cosmetics. 

It is easy to find cruelty free cosmetics on the market.

You can help stop animal testing by buying cruelty-free cosmetics. You will help these manufacturers grow, which will help prevent animal testing as more manufacturers will make cruelty-free cosmetics

Nowadays, manufacturers can make cosmetics without testing on animals. Visit the Cruelty-Free Always website to know whether you are using cruelty free products.

4. It is Wasteful 

Several companies spend millions of dollars every year on misleading experiments. They end up killing millions of animals without getting the desired results. In fact, some of these companies do not even publish the results of half of their animal experiments. That means they are killing these animals for nothing.

It is much cheaper and takes less time to use alternatives to animal testing. Using these alternatives can help these companies stop wasting their resources.

5. It is Bad Science 

Humans and animals are from different species. That is why they are not the same metabolically, biochemically, and physiologically. That is why the results that these companies get from animal testing might not apply to humans. Therefore, animal testing is bad science. 

Stopping animal testing not only prevents the unnecessary killing of animals. It also stops the production of useless drugs. Manufacturers might not get the best drugs by testing on animals alone to use other alternatives. 

6. It is Expensive

Animal testing is more expensive than the alternatives to animal testing. For instance, it is cheap to run tests on computer models. It is costly to feed and keep the animals for several years, cost millions of dollars in just two years. However, some cell-based tests can cost $500. Stopping animal testing reduces the money spent on keeping and feeding the animals. 

7. It is Unprotected

The laws of several countries do not cover animal testing. Therefore, several companies can do any experiments they want on animals. There are no rules and regulations to follow so that they can do painful experiments on the animals.

Also, they do not even monitor the living conditions of these animals. It is essential to have laws protecting the animals in laboratories. That is why it is vital to stop animal testing. 

8. Stop Wasting Resources

Manufacturers waste their resources and time on misleading animal studies. Manufacturers test their drugs on animals. The drugs are usually successful in these animals. However, the drugs generally fail on humans. By the way, hundreds of thousands of people die every year after taking these drugs. This means animal testing does not work, so the manufacturers can stop wasting resources on animal testing. 

These are the top reasons to stop animal testing. However, it is hard to convince some manufacturers to stop testing animals because there are still no laws protecting the animals in laboratories. 

It is still possible to stop testing on animals. How? Stop buying and using the products of manufacturers that are doing tests on animals. It is easy to know if a product has been tested on animals. You should only buy products that have not been tested on animals. These manufacturers might stop testing on animals if they lose their customers and money.

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