A Doctor’s Guide to a Healthy Skin: Five Tips to Remember

The skincare industry is projected to grow to $180 billion by 2025. Experts point out that more people are becoming interested in buying skincare products because of the influence of celebrities and internet stars.

Additionally, the industry can sell a lot of products because of their effective marketing campaign, and more people are becoming interested in using different beauty products because of its positive effect on the skin.

Since ancient times, people have valued those who have youthful skin, and this is what the beauty product manufacturers are doing – they are telling the public to buy their products so that they too can have youthful-looking skin.

The beauty product manufacturers are also saying that more innovation will be introduced in the years to come. There are so many trends in skincare that is now being adopted by different companies, and the promotion of these services online is influencing the public to try it out.

The future of skincare is bright, and more businesses will benefit from the industry’s unstoppable growth. Aside from using skincare products, there are also a handful of ways on how you can retain a healthy and beautiful looking skin.

The following information will show you how to achieve healthy skin, through the guidelines given by dermatologists.

1. Protecting your skin from the harmful sun rays

Morning sunlight gives off Vitamin D, an essential vitamin needed by humans. Dermatologists encourage the public to bathe under the morning sun because it is a great source of Vitamin D.

However, they are also warning the public about the potential threat that can be experienced by those who are staying under the sun for too long, especially between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM, when the sun is at its highest. 

These people are susceptible to different skin diseases, and their risk of acquiring skin cancer is also increased. Aside from Vitamin D, the sun is also known for emitting ultraviolet rays, and it can be deadly if someone decided to stay under the sun for too long.

Dermatologists and skincare experts advise the public to use protection whenever they wanted to go outside when the sun is out. The most recommended product to be used when going outside are sunscreens that have an SPF of 15 or better.

When applied to the skin, sunscreens produce a thin layer of protection that eliminates the effects of ultraviolet rays. When going outside for extended periods, people are advised to apply sunscreen every two hours.

People should also apply sunscreen frequently, especially if they are swimming or perspiring a lot because the liquid can take off the protective layer provided by the sunscreen. Wearing hats, long sleeves, pants, and shoes can also be an alternative. 

2. Avoid smoking cigarettes

Excessive smoking is bad for health. It can damage the lungs, and it can cause lung cancer. Another side effect of excessive smoking is skin damage, and you would notice that your skin becomes more wrinkled if you decided to smoke multiple pieces of cigarettes a day.

What happens inside the body when you smoke is that the tiny blood vessels found on the outer layer of the skin starts to narrow, and it will decrease the amount of blood flowing in this area.

This will make your skin paler, and it will also prevent more oxygen to reach these areas. The less oxygen your body has, the more susceptible you are to different skin problems.

The collagen and elastin in your skin are also affected when you smoke. This is the fiber that enables the skin to be elastic. If the amount of collagen and elastin in your skin starts to decrease, you will experience a drier skin that is prone to more damage.

According to a recent study conducted by the Department of Plastic Surgery at the Case Western Reserve University, people who smoke frequently look older than those who don’t.

Because of the negative effects of smoking on the skin, more skincare experts are encouraging the public to quit this habit.

3. Gently treat your skin when taking care of it

To ensure that your skin will keep its youthful look, make sure that you are treating it gently. Skincare experts are saying that cleaning and shaving the skin daily can damage it over time.

They advise people to be more gently when performing a cleaning routine, and some of their recommendations are the following:

People should limit their bath time because it can remove natural oils from the skin. If using hot water for taking a shower, make sure that it will be quick. Staying in hot water for extended periods can cause skin damage and irritation.

Avoid using strong soaps when taking a bath because it has a high level of chemicals that can strip the natural oils found on the skin. Dermatologists recommend using mild cleansers instead.

Use lubricants when shaving. The skin can be damaged if the razor is applied on the skin without any lubrication. Use lotion or shaving cream as a lubricant.

Pat your skin after bathing to dry it while retaining moisture. Use moisturizers if you have dry skin. Ask your dermatologist about the best brands that you can use for your skin.

4. Eat a balanced and nutritional diet

If you want to achieve healthy-looking skin, dermatologists recommend eating a balanced and nutritional diet. It can make you feel good, and it can also contribute to better-looking skin. You need to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, as well as lean proteins and whole grains.

According to some researchers, people who are eating lots of foods rich in cholesterol can result in several skin problems, including excessive acne.

If you wanted to ensure a healthy=looking skin, you should start eating fruits that are rich in Vitamin C. This vitamin helps the immune system fight off diseases, and it can easily destroy any bacteria that can pose a threat to healthy skin.

People should also eat foods rich in Vitamin E because it promotes healthy-looking skin. Healthy fats are also a must when someone wanted to achieve beautiful and youthful skin.

Finally, make sure that you are well hydrated. People who are drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day will notice changes in their body if they are constantly hydrated. They will notice that the skin will look better, and they can also look younger. Many celebrities are already trying a diet rich in fluids, and the results are satisfying.

5. Visit skincare experts that will ensure you youthful-looking skin

If you wanted to achieve youthful-looking skin, you can visit your dermatologist and ask for treatments and skincare procedures that you can avail.

Microdermabrasion is a trending skincare procedure wherein a dermatologist will use a tool filled with small diamonds that will scratch off the outer layer of the skin, exposing a newer skin underneath. Virginia Beach skincare expert Dr. Kyle S. Choe stated that this procedure is safe, and people will notice changes in their skin instantly.

The procedure will remove an old and damaged skin that has been subjected to different elements. Many people who have visited the clinic owned by Dr. Kyle S. Choe are saying that they are satisfied with the results of the treatment.

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