4 Ways to Reduce the Running Costs of Your Beauty Appliances

How many appliances do you use in your daily routine? A blow dryer, curling wand, or straightener, perhaps? How about an illuminated mirror to ensure a flawless application? You might use more than you think as part of your beauty regime, and when these add up, they can send your power bill sky high. To avoid bill shock and still have cash to look your best, here are some suggestions to help keep the costs under control.

1. Change It Up

Can you spare a few minutes in your morning routine? Simply by towel drying your hair before firing up the hairdryer, you could reduce the electrical cost for that single appliance by over 40 percent. By letting the linen do some of the work and halving the time the dryer is on, you could see a drastic reduction in energy usage. You might even see a healthier mane! Another option is to drop the heat level on your dryer, which uses less power.

2. Unplug Your Devices

Do an inventory of the appliances you own. How many are plugged in? The simple act of unplugging these items can make a significant impact on your savings, as small appliances can add as much as five percent to your home's energy bill over the year. Every little bit counts!

Standby power — also known as phantom load or vampire power — is the energy used while your devices are turned off but still plugged in. So beware of these ghouls and remember to flick the switch on your way out the door. 

3. A Deserved Upgrade

If you can't remember the last time you purchased a beauty appliance, maybe it's time for an upgrade. The model you're using might not be the most energy efficient and could be costing you unnecessarily. A great place to start is online, with a heap of comparison websites that rate each product's energy efficiency, price and safety. Take advantage of these resource websites before you buy, and don't forget to factor in any cost of repairs and services.

4. Step Into the Light

For optimal results when applying your makeup, professional artists and amateurs alike agree — good lighting is the key. Ensuring that you have the right bulbs and wattage is one thing, but have you thought about what cost the pursuit of the most flattering light might be to your energy bill? 

It is thought that lighting accounts for approximately 20 percent of annual energy bills, so start by swapping out your globes with LED lights, generally the most efficient lighting technology and much more efficient than the typical globe. In the long term, you might consider installing a skylight to take full advantage of that coveted natural light.

These are some easy suggestions that can be added into your beauty routine with minimal fuss, but maximum impact. Every little bit counts, and it pays to be aware of how you can make a difference to your energy efficiency and avoid unnecessary bill shock.

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